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Letter from eGovINDIA to NKC – Portion of the Letter

Posted by egovindia on May 28, 2006

22nd December, 2005




Dear Shri.Sam Pitroda,


Creation of National Institute of Smart Government (NISG), a prelude to cheat the nation!



I have written enough in the electronic media about the NISG and how it had been formed to cater certain vested interests and how it is kept away from Parliament control.

NISG had been formed a special purpose vehicle to usher in a new era in India driven by e-governance. The cause is noble indeed.  
The manner in which NISG had been formed to the detriment of the nation is a serious cause of concern. The proponents of NISG, mostly my colleagues in the IAS have formed it into a private limited company with charitable purpose under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act. What is the contribution of the private sector. It is next to nothing. The entire funding for NISG had so far come from UNDP. UNDP had been apparently manipulated to sign an MOU with NISG to fund $30 millions for promoting e-governance in India!

No UN organisation can invest in India unless the nodal department in the Government of India concurs to the proposal in advance. So, in effect, the nodal departments in Government of India hold the key to the investments proposed by UN agencies. In this case the nodal department is the department of ICT in Delhi. This department had manipulated UNDP to invest in NISG, a private limited company which is not answerable any regulatory agency in India such as the Public Accounts Committee, the CBI or the CVI. What is the need to create such a special purpose vehicle without any controls is a serious question?

And what is the role of National Informatics Centre (NIC), the dream organisation of Rajiv Gandhi if it is not meant for e-governance. NIC , is a wholly owned Government of India organisation with due audit controls. It would be better if NISG is nationalised or the whole task is handed over to NIC.

India needs a clear e-governance policy:

The current IT policy does not cater to e-governance. The need of the hour is to have an e-governance policy for the nation. The process is very important. India needs to spell out where it wants to stand in the area of e-governance, say 10 years from now, 15 years from now, 20 years from now and so on.

What are the areas in which India wants to automate have to be decided and declared well in advance so that the mile stones set could be attempted.

There should be a clear policy on OSS in e-governance too.

India needs a well spelt out policy to support the BIMAR states in the area of e-governance. I can add more to this list but you are a person who can look into the future easily. So I am just leaving this aspect at this. 

Need for administrative reforms:

India has been attempting piece meal administrative reforms so far. We need a path breaking administrative reform, the way the Congress government had brought in the Right to Information Act (RTI). The role of All India Services and State services has to be redefined to suit the current requirements. The colonial hang over which is still there in large doses has to be wiped out. India should belong to Indians. Today the true India belongs to the politicians and bureaucracy only.

 The role of NISG. Should a private limited company control the Indian e-governance movement?

It is a peculiar happening in India that a private company registered under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act (National Institute of Smart Government) has been controlling the e-governance activities of not only the central government but also many state governments. The states stand in queue before this private company to receive funding assistance for their e-governance activities. This group is of the opinion that NISG had directly encouraged corruption and lack of transparency. It has been promoting certain chosen corporate for the detriment of a host of companies which believe in honesty and fair play. The NKC may take an appropriate view on this subject based on the huge volume of materials written on the egovINDIA group.

Above letter Written by eGovINDIA Group to NKC !


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