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The Word is Out – India lacks co-ordination on e-gov: NKC

Posted by egovindia on May 28, 2006

The Word is Out – India lacks co-ordination on e-gov: NKC

Dear Mr.Kumarswamy and Mr.Umashankar,

This credit goes to your tireless effect.Hope It may reflect on todays
cabinet meeting on NeGP plan and its implemention if our political
leader has own capbility.Nation will benift if it takes follows NKC
report which reflect our egovindia ideas.

As Mr.Sam Pitroda says "The current e-governance efforts are based on
computerizing age-old processes left behind by the British Raj,"
"Simply digitizing the  existing government processes merely adds an
additional layer of  expense, complexity, delay and confusion."
"E-governance is more about an opportunity for administrative reforms
than merely about  electronics, IT and infrastructure. If we miss this
opportunity to  reengineer government processes before
computerization, the cost will be enormous,"

It reveal what our Mr.Umashakar did is true e-governance based on
administrave reforms which is mainly cared for weeker section and
empowered the poor.Its not intened the mere computersing the payment
collection  based on british Raj policies.We need visionary like
Mr.Umashakar as Nations IT secretary who crave for true e-governance
but not for commisions.Unfortunately strong corrupt people lobby is
ahead of us and getting showcause notices to honest people and supress
their carrier trhough transfers.You have sent mail to many iit
professors.Most of them got projects from DIT so they have to show
soft corner towards DIT.Infact some professors attended US conference
funded by Microsoft and filled our curriculum with M$ technologies
even at PG level.These people has no moral and sold to M$.They cant
answer  your question.Finally victims are middle class people who
spent money on engg by selling their lands and valuables.
They have to come out and again joined in the courses conducted by can see for more info.each person has to
pay 60k and another 30-40k  towards hostels.Though C-DAC is benifited
from govt funds there is no reservation in admission and agin exempted
from excise tax from this course revenue.Becasue c-dac claims being
govt instution it should get exemption.There is no placement gurantee
and many people have to search outside.the revenue is approx 50 crores
from training.Now at hyd central excise has given two show cause
notice to c-dac reg sales tax on training revenue.
DIT also do royal treatment for u r listed professors  as project
advisory members.So all these professors has to support DIT deeds.If
you want to change all this bad deeds only one solution the BOSS of
DIT should  be honest person.That only happens when people like
Mr.Umashaker will get the Top post in DIT.otherwise expecting from DIT
is day dream.we cant able get reply from DIT using RTI.DIT is
influenced by crooks and Govt should abolish DIT.There is no
contribution to nation from DIT other then urden of corruption.

I pray God to pour blessings in strengthening your powers.


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