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Translation of RTI Act 2005 into MAIN official language of Karnataka State

Posted by egovindia on May 28, 2006


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Dear Mr. K. K. Misra, SCIC of GOK,

You were the First SCIC appointed in Karnataka State in INDIA by the High Power committee of GOK consisting of CM, Opposition Leader and another Minister. 

We have come to know that,Official Marathi translation of the RTI Act 2005 is now available.

The official Marathi  translation was released by the Government of India on December 22 (the gazette of India, extraordinary, part 12, section 1).

If Marathi translation has been released by the GOI, those in other languages also must have been released too !

Maharashtra Government has reprinted the GOI gazette for sale at its book depots throughout the state.

SCIC of GOK must have received the notification from GOI on Official KANNADA translation of RTI act 2005.

I have written several emails regarding this issue to you and to SIC of GOK. But we got an answer from KIC telling that we need to get PRESIDENT's assent on this issue of translation. Did Government of Maharashtra got this assent from President of INDIA? Do you know this?

Localization of Languages is a MUST for EFFECTIVE Implementation of RTI Act and all other Acts of INDIA. 

Here I have copied two letters received from you and your office.


From: "K K Misra" <>
To: <>
Subject: RTI Services in State Language
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 12:22:56 +0530



Sri V.Kumaraswamy   (through e-Mail)




          This has reference to your e-Mail dated 29-11-05.  As desired by you, I am directed to forward the e-Mail ID and Telephone number of the Secretary to Government, e-Governance Department (Mr.Rajeev Chawla) who is also in-charge of DPAR (AR) and also of the Secretary to Government, Dept. of Legislation and Parliamentary Affairs (Sri Boregowda) for your information.

.Address: 1) Sri Rajeev Chowla, IAS

                Secretary to Government,

                Department of e-Governance,

                 Multistoried Building,

                Dr.Ambedkar Veedhi,

                 Bangalore-560 001.

   Telephone No.(off) 22353953; 

   Mobile: 9844311600

e-mail ID:

               2) Sri G.K.Boregowda,

                  Secretary to Government,

                  Dept. of Parly. Affairs

                  1st Floor, Vidhana Soudha,



Mobile: 98443-11603

e-mail ID;


K K Misra <> wrote:

From: "K K Misra" <>
To: <>
CC: <>
Subject: RTI services in State Language
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 13:46:28 +0530


1) Sri Bhujanga,

2) Sri Kumaraswamy,


            This has reference to your e-Mail regarding making available authentic Kannada translation of the Right to Information Act 2005.   We have contacted Sri.S.V.Joshi, State Chief Information Commissioner of
Maharashtra.  He has confirmed that an authentic translation of a Central Act in Regional languages would require prior assent of the President.


2.         We are requesting DPAR (AR) to get RTI Act, 2005  translated in Kannada and to obtain assent of the President at the earliest.  This is to be done by the  concerned Department namely DPAR-AR.   The actual translation is however done by Department of Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation, Government of Karnataka.     You may kindly contact DPAR-AR (Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms � Administrative Reforms) for any further information on this.


                                           (S.R.Sayinath Prakash)

                                          Under Secretary

                                            Karnataka Information Commission


As per your email letters, we have written to Sri. G. K. Bore Gowda and Mr. Rajiv Chawla. No response from them yet.

Expecting an early reply for this.



V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA

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