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CIC’s of North East ” MISSION NEKAC 2007 ” – North East KNOWLEDGE Assistance CENTERS “NEKAC”and promote !!!

Posted by egovindia on May 29, 2006


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April 2nd 2006
TO: DIT and NIC, New Delhi
DONER, NEC, Resident Commissioners,

This Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA. in business since 1971. Founder and Moderator of India's largest e-governance yahoogroup under the title eGovINDIA. You can reach this group at

eGovINDIA is a group dedicated to promoting true e-governance in India, consisting of members from all walks of life from within INDIA and the World over. Many State Ministers and senior bureaucrats of India are members of this group. We do have lawyers, social activists, freelance writers and journalists in the group. The group is meant for serious activists only. Casual members are not allowed to join the group. The group is also moderated by an Indian Administrative Service  (IAS) Officer.  As on date, the group has more than 3000 members.

The focus of this group is true e-governance and use of open source technology in e-governance. The members of this forum have a passion to see a truly e-governed India, resulting in transparency and easy access to government services by  the common man, notably the depressed class people (so called untouchables), women and people living in far flung and difficult areas of India.

The CIC (Community Information Centre) project was started under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) and was launched in August, 2002 with the help of State Government for extending ICT services to the rural people of the NE Region. The 487 CIC's in the 8 North Eastern States including Sikkim.These 487 CIC's can become North East Knowledge Assistance Centers "NEKAC". This should be done to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Independence. On this occassion please regularize the jobs of all employees working at all these CIC's.

NE Knowledge AssistanceCentre "NEKAC" has potential to assist the States and Central Government to get data from the villages. For example, the States acquire data from the village health centres and then transmit the same to government of India.

Every CIC is well equipped with Good Infrastructure including one Server machine, five Client system, VSAT connectivity , two UPS (1KVA & 2KVA), one Laser Printer, one Dot Matrix Printer, one Web Camera, one TV with IRU (for video broadcasting) and are run by two Skilled Person.

CICs are already there in each Block of the District with Govt. provided infrastructure and man power, the CICs can cater to the peoples need in a batter manner than an NGO and also to the Govt�s effort proper implementation of the e-governance program.These 487 CIC's can be used to develop IT Awareness among the masses and pace with the rest of the world like other states of India such as Karnataka where the people are already getting benefits from the projects like BHOOMI. These 487 CIC's should be a part any e-governance program of NORTHEAST and in taking each district in NORTHEAST ahead in this process and in becoming a knowledge power as envisioned in the planning commission�s INDIA VISION 2020 document. CIC's have been providing services and facilities under following categories:-

  1. Rural Cyber Cafe.

  1. Computer Training Program
  2. Online PAN & TAN Card Services.
  3. IT support to the Government. (BPL Data Entry, Election Duty.)
  4. Distance Education.
  5. Public Oriented Service.
  6. Online Information Regarding Health, Education, Banking, Railway Reservation & Enquiry.
  7. �ASHA farmers� registration. (to facilitated versatile information of agriculture)
  8. Unemployed Youth Registration.
  9. Regular Weather Report.
  10. Public Distribution Report.
  11. Market Price Information of Agricultural Commodity.
  12. Digital Photography.
  13. Online Conference.
  14. Software and Web page Development
  15. Income Certificates for cultivators/farmers
  16. Income Certificate for services holders
  17. Land holding certificates
  18. Certificate copy of Electroal roll
  19. PRC for Higher Education

Delivering E- Governance Service through CIC:-

  Delivering E- Governance may be defined as delivery of Govt. Services and Information to the Public using Electronic means. Using IT in Government Services is an efficient speedy and transparent process for disseminating Information to the public and other agencies and for performing Govt. Administration Activities.

  1. CIC's are in rural remote areas of NE Region. The facility of Satellite based Communication System of CIC's help remote masses in various respects of IT development. After completion of this project, the Ultimate Rural Masses are going to suffer.
  2. By the services of CIC's the IT knowledge is gradually developing among rural masses. They are getting Internet services in a minimal cost.
  3. The reliable Internet Communication System through VSAT, help students to collect their Information about various examination, results, education information, career guidance, downloading various forms etc.
  4. Now through ASHA Service farmer registration and unemployed youth registration brings a great revolution among the rural people in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture, Pisci Culture and Business Marketing. They are getting every day market price list in CIC.
  5. All Operators have been served in fix pay since inception of this project. Operators are dedicating their most vital part of life in this job for bringing the IT to the Rural masses. The value of commodities and services has been increased for the last three years. So we on behalf of all CIC Operators would like to request our government through you to give us some incentive from state Govt. as DA / Security of Livelihood. It will give us really encourage doing more hard works.

     The main Objective of Establishing such CIC Centres is to provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT services) to the Rural masses in NORTHEAST. After spending such a huge Amount (nearly 200 Crores), the government have not introduce the services through CIC.

CIC's can provide the following information and this information need to be made available at all 487 CIC's for the benefit of people of NORTHEAST.

1. Information on health plan spending and the new plans on NRHM – National rural health mission is not available on the State Govt. website. These should be made available at all CIC's NETWORK in TRIPURA State for the people in each BLOCK can access the information easily.

2. How each STATE Government is going to spend and allocate FUNDS allotted by Central Govt. to Districts, Blocks and Villages ? These information need to be available at all CIC's for the benefit of People of NORTHEAST.

3. The break up of health spending under various departments say health, allocations to the PHC's, CHC's etc. All of these need to be made available at all 487 CIC's of NORTHEAST STATES.
Let us do the following also at CIC's:

Make information to go to the door steps of citizens in NORTHEAST through these 487 CIC's and spread the Knowledge among citizens.

Spread Transparency and Accountability in all levels of Govt. through these 487 CIC's in NORTHEAST.

eGovINDIA and eGovNORTHEAST will be able to join the efforts of all of you in getting NEKAC to be implemented at all 487 CIC's.

If any questions please free to write to me. We will RESPOND !!

V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA
Venkatappa M. Kumaraswamy, MBA
In BUSINESS since 1971.


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