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Importance of CICs

Posted by egovindia on May 29, 2006

Kinkar Bhowmik <> wrote:

Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 23:27:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kinkar Bhowmik <>
Subject: Importance of CICs

Community Information centers which are brainchild of NIC, established in August 2000 as a pilot Phase in the North East State of India. Now there are 487 CICs in the North East State. Services to be provided by CICs include Internet Access and E-mail, Printing, Data entry and Word processing and Training for the local populace. In addition, several citizen-centric or Government to Citizen (G2C) services are to be delivered from the CICs. Training of the local population on the fundamentals of using computers and the imparting of basic working knowledge is a major activity in the Community Information Centres. Some such services are

•Birth and Death Registration, Health Booking Service system. Service Facilitation Centre (e-Suvidha) where in different types of certificates issued by Block and District administrations like SC/ST, Marriage etc can be disseminated through CICs. Prices and other market information of Agricultural produce. Information on Educational opportunities. Job portals etc. The number of visitors varies between 20 to 100 a week depending on location of CIC. Many CICs report over 150 visitors/week. They are giving technical support in the various Department of the State Government.


Many of the CICs, already operational, charge nominal amounts from users for services which helps them to meet day-to-day running expenses such as consumables, stationery, fuel for the Genset etc.


DIT/NIC will continue to provide manpower support to the CICs for five years and NIC will provide technical and maintenance support for this period. DIT/NIC will continue to provide satellite connectivity after five years. The Community Information Centres will then be handed over to the respective state governments. The state governments are required to evolve a viable business model to make the CICs self-sustaining during these five years.


It is proposed to use the Community Information Centers for E-edutainment in the future. A select bouquet of channels could be telecast through the VSAT based network, as TVs with other associated infrastructure is already available at the CICs. Other future prospects are the provision of connectivity to Schools, Hospitals and Post Offices in major habitats


CICs have an important role to implementation the E-governance project.


If the State Government handed over CICs to a private Sector State Government will be loser such as they will be pay the private sector when the state Government take any kind of support/help/any type of work like such as online data entry, (SGRY, ASSP, Gramodaya) data bank of block, various dept. data of Govt, more & more. Most important things is that computerization of various projects of various dept. will be hamper since maximum staff of various dept. are non-technical. When they are facing any problem to run any projects CICs operators are helping them and work is run smoothly. Central Govt. also has a responsibility to help the state government to run the CICs and to run E-governance projects smoothly.

Why CICs will go under Private??????

We need to understand the importance of CICs otherwise we will be the loser.


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