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Reply from DIT on NISG and CEO of NISG – These are important questions which the nation needs an answer.

Posted by egovindia on May 29, 2006

Venkat Kumaraswamy <> wrote:

Dear Mr. R. Chandrashekar
Joint Secretary of eGovernance of GOI and DIT,

You have made the following statement to DATAQUEST on the report.

Replying on behalf of the DIT, the Joint Secretary R Chandrashekhar said that while DIT was not the competent authority to take action on any "allegations" relating to his (Satyanarayna's) tenure with the GOAP, "the facts referred to in the letter relating to his tenure as CEO NISG have already been placed before the Board of NISG and the board has not found any substance in the content of the petition."

Can you write to us who are all on the BOARD of NISG please. Can you provide us with copies of MINUTES of these discussions please.

Are you sure NISG Board did not find anything on CEO of NISG ?
What people are raising is not concern to NISG Board about CEO of NISG ?
Do you think all Consulting Contracts awarded to PWC by CEO of NISG is COINCENDENTAL ? Can you explain to us please ?
DIT is the one which started NISG, YES or NO  ??
DIT and DARPG are Govt. of INDIA entities, YES or NO?

How did you allow NASSCOM to be 51% partner in NISG as eGovernance Secretary of INDIA ? What business NASSCOM has in NISG or eGovernance of INDIA ?

NASSCOM is JUST an Association of all IT - BT - Companies in INDIA. They need to be away from these kind of partnerships. That too with GOI.

We expect responses from you on these questions and to our emails.

E-mail is an efficient and timely communication tool used to carry out departmental activities and to conduct business within the Government of India, with business partners and with citizens. E-mail has become an important component of any office automation system. It expedites exchange of information, speeds up the decision making process and reduces paperwork, resulting in increased productivity, reduced costs and better delivery of services and programmes.


Expecting a reply for this,


V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA


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