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Abhishek Singh, DC Mokokchung, Nagaland on A Primer on CIC Project

Posted by egovindia on June 18, 2006

I agree with your observations regarding CICs.

As a Deputy Commissioner in Nagaland, I am associated very closely with the functioning of CICs. I have 5 CIC centres at the block headquarters in my district. Connectivity is good. Internet access is fine. What is lacking is that we are still in the process of putting data and information that is relevant to citizens and once that is done, the CICs will be used more by people.

Till then it is not possible to make them financially viable and so they face an uncertain future beyond Feb 2007.

State Governments will find it difficult to take over them as salary and establishment costs will be quite high. May be GoI support is warranted for at least a couple of more years. Unfortunately, major share of IT investment lands in AP, Karnataka, TN etc and NE gets left out. Broadband, SWAN are a must now. CICs are useful not only for G2C exchange of information but also for G2G.

In mokokchung I am trying to evolve CICs on the lines of E Seva centres of AP and Bangalore 1 centers but the volumes of transactions is quite less mainly because of less population densities.

Anyways, would welcome ideas and suggestions on how to revive them

Abhishek Singh

DC Mokokchung



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