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Dedication of the CICs to the people of the North-East

Posted by egovindia on June 18, 2006

Dedication of the CICs to the people of the North-East

on 17th  August, 2002

Excerpts from the speech of the Union Minister of IT Shri Pramod Mahajan                            

 The Prime Minister always had a concept which he explained in Hindi very often….'.

North East hamare Dilli se door hoga lekin woh hamare dil se door nahin'…

and I think when he became the Prime Minister, he decided to implement

what he said very often in the North-East and he brought out

the concept of Community Information Centres.

Inauguration of the Pilot Project on 12th August, 2000

 Prime Minister's  MessageI am happy to know that the first two Community Information Centres

in the North East at Umsning and Mylliem  in Meghalaya are being inaugurated

on August 12,2000.

I congratulate the Ministry of Information Technology and the Government of

Meghalaya for taking this small but important step to bring the benefits of IT

to all the people of the North East through a special initiative that will

create Community Information Centres in every block in this region.

Information Technology is one of the greatest boons of science to humanity.

It is revolutionizing life on earth in a way that no other technology has done in

human history. It has a deep influence on the economy, communication, culture,

educational system and social interaction in all countries,

bringing them closer in a world  transformed into a Global Village.

India is poised to become a major IT power in the coming years and

contribute to the realization of its many promises for

our own benefits and for global good.

I believe that the citizens of the North East are well positioned

to use IT to strengthen their economic prosperity,

their cultural links with each other as well as the rest of

India and their ability  to directly benefit from various Government schemes.

I hope that these centres will be the harbinger of better

IT services in Meghalaya and the rest of the North East.

New Delhi                                                                                 
August 9,2000

( Atal Bihari Vajpayee)                                                                      


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