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eGovINDIA Group member on A Primer on CIC Project

Posted by egovindia on June 18, 2006

Dear Sir (Mr. Abhishek Singh)

Its really pleasant to hear about the efforts that you
are putting in get the CICs project to succeed.

From my hands-on experience with couple of citizen
services delivery centres proejects in India, enclosed
are few suggestions

– The usage of any CIC shoudn't be limited to
Information or Services dessimination from Government.
This will only create one-way traffic and hence lower
number of transactions

Integrate CICs with
a) Telemedicine Solution
b) eLearning Solution
c) Agriculture Extensions
d) Disaster Recovery Cells
e) Public Grievance Systems
f) Public Radio System
g) Use it as Post Office (ePost)
h) Use it for complaints register (Police integration)
i) Employment exchange integration
j) Crop insurance companies
k) Fertilizer firms
l) Microfinancing companies
m) Tie-up with a Telebrands firm to promote their
products and sell them

The idea is to design a business model which has got 3
angles to it
– Government Services – Mandatory to be provided
– Social Services – to be built in over a period of
– Commercial Services – for the financial viability fo
the centre.

In the absence of any solid finacial model for CICs it
will not be able to sustain on its own.

And personally i am completely against charging extra
money from citizens for the government services. It
is the duty of the government office to provide the
service. The failure of the government machinery to
provide serivces on time and without corruption and
red tapism should not and cannot lead to over burden
on the citizens.

Its really unfortunate with any government body says
that their citizen services centre project is a great
success where they are charging service charges from
citizens. In fact it is sheer failure of that
government to provide good services and hence citizens
are ending up paying extra money. Taking this view
eSeva is a success for CMS & Ram Informatics but
failure of GoAP machinery.

Therefore my suggestion is to take a step by step
approach. Please
a) Organize a Participatory Rural Appraisal to
understand the needs of ur people in the district.
Prioritize them
b) Identify the services requirement and categorize
c) Add all the peripheral commercial services to every
priority need item. e.g. if the high priorty need is
information about higher education.
Government Free Services: Information services about
universities/ colleges/ streams etc.
Commercial Services: Get NIIT/ Aptech/ TCS/ MBA
institutions etc to participate and promote their
services and CIC to charge for it (again not from the
citizens but from the agencies)
d) Prepare a financial model with equal focus on
government services, social welfare services and
commercial services

Most important get 2 nominees from each tehsil/ taluk
as a citizen representative for this project and
involve them end-to-end.

A citizen buy-in is required to get success in
projects like this.

Last but not the least…use the power of Radio and
local television to create awareness.

Sir, I am sure you must have already looked into most
of it but thought of writing about all my thoughts.

Thanks & Regards


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