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GRAMSAT operators, Orissa, on A Primer on CIC Project

Posted by egovindia on June 18, 2006

respected sir,
good afternoon sir we are GRAMSAT operators from GRAMSAT district
Orissa. sir we people too have to face the similar problems being
faced by the cic staff in north east.

it is very surprising since
the govt of india had spend such a large amount for GRAMSAT in Orissa ,
but they have no plan for the future of GRAMSAT staff.
if they had no plan for GRAMSAT future then why they had
started such a GRAMSAT operators have almost spend 3to 4
years in respective GRAMSATs and till now they are uncertain about
their future. govt should take GRAMSATs seriously.

these are hub for
information at block level and govt could use it for many other
purposes as well leading to e- goverance.

they have got such an
excellent machinery at block level then why they are not using it
properly. we in Orissa are also very uncertain about our future.

of the GRAMSAT operators in GRAMSAT s in Orissa are MCA,B.E people , all
are technical people then why govt is exploiting us and we should be
regularise and give us technical scales .

sir it is our request
pls do something for the future of GRAMSAT s of Orissa state as well.

GRAMSAT operators


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