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Me and OpenSource – GNU/Linux links and lists (India)

Posted by egovindia on June 18, 2006

Me and OpenSource

— In, priti patil <pritisd@…>

> Here is the list of some of the mailing lists not all
> meant for developers but also for novice users,
> indlinux-group@…,
> janabhaaratii@…,
> etc….

There was a query about Free Software/Open Source groups around
Mumbai. Here's a list available at And,
while you're reading it (*hint*) please note that it does need
updating by volunteers. That's how the Free Software spirit works (all
help will be credited, of course):

Frederick Noronha's fred at

GNU/Linux user groups… from India and Asia

A list of the useful user groups that help in spreading Free/Libre
and Open Source Software. Would really appreciate any help in
updating and correcting this list and keeping it current. Let's try
to network all the 'little' GNU/LUGs, who badly need your
support to grow.  FN  (Frederick Noronha in Goa)

GNU/Linux links and lists (India)

All India

    * Free Software Foundation of India
    * Linux India network
      o General mailing list
      o Help mailing list
    * BSD India
      o BSD India mailing list
    * Linux In India
    * GNU/Linux localization
    * Gnu/Linux and free software
    * FOSS.IN (National FOSS Event)
      o Mailing list

    * FOSS Community India 
      o Statewise List of FOSS Communities
      o IRC channels of Indian FOSS Communities
      o Special interest groups
      o Mailing list

Northern India

    * ILUG-Delhi
    * Gzlug(Ghaziabad Linux user group)
    * ILUG-Indore
    * LUG-Indore
    * Kanpur LUGK
    * Linux-Chandigarh
    * Sun City Jodhpur LUG
      o  Apart from the mailing list, a website at
    * Linux Lucknow
    * Raipur
    * Bhopal
    * Rourkee
    * LUG of Dehradoon
          o Address for posting is lugdoon at
    * Linux Gurus Bhopal
    * Linux Users' Group Jabalpur

Southern India

    * Bangalore Linux User Group
      o Announcement Mailing list
      o Technical Mailing list
      o Programming Mailing list
      o Non-technical Mailing list
    * Pondicherry Gnu/Linux Users Group
      o Mailing List
    * KLUG (Kongu Engg College, Erode) – Mail list –
    * twincling – Professionally managed Linux society Hyderabad
    * Linux – Technical n Tutorials Bangalore
    * ILUG-Chennai (Madras) .
    o Chennai wiki
    * Indian Linux Users Group – Cochin / Kochi Chapter (ILUG-Cochin)
    * ILUG-Coimbatore
    * ILUG-Coimbatore
    * ILUG-SREC(Sri Ramakrishna Engg College)
    o ILIUG-KTM (Kottayam)
      + Website
    * ILUG-Belgaum
    * ILUG-Mangalore
    * ILUG-Hyderabad LUG
    * ILUG-Hyderabad
    * ILUG-Trivandrum (Kerala)
    * GLUG-T(GNU/Linux User Group – Trichy)
    * ALUG – Andhra Linux Users Group
    * AP LUG
    * ILUG-Hubli
    * PSG-GNULinuxClub
    * GLUG-Madurai
      o Mailing list at
    * GLUGOT (GNU/Linux User Group of TCE)
      o Mailing list at
    * Tamil Linux
    * Tiruvannamalai LUG
    * FSUG-Kochi (Kerala)
    * FSUG-Cusat
    * FSUG-Calicut
    * FSUG-Banglore
    * FSUG Thrissur
    * GLUGC NIT calicut
    * MyLUG – Mysore Linux Users' Group
    * RVCE (Bangalore)
    * Sona College of Technology, Salem Sona LUG
    * PLUS(Palakkad Libre software Users Society)

Western India

    * India GNU/Linux Users Group Mumbai
      o Mailing list at
    * ILUG-Nagpur
    * Nagpur
    * Linux At Ahmedabad
    * ILUG-South Maharashtra
    * ILUG-Goa (On
    * ILUG-Goa (On
    * ILUG-Goa mailing list
    * Linux Goa Help List
    * Linux Ahmedabad
    * Linux Users Group of Ahmedabad (LUGA)
    * ILUG-DAIICT Dhirubhai
Ambani Institute of ICT, Gujarat
    * Gnunify, Pune
      o Mailing list at
    * Pune GNU/Linux User Group
    * Linux at UVPCE, Mehsana
    * Nashik GNU Users Group, Nashik, Maharashtra
    * BCS-MCS Students' Linux Users Group (BLUG), Pune, Maharashtra

Eastern India

    * ILUG-Cal Kolkata Chapter
      o Mailing lists link at
Archive of list at
    * ILUG-Burdwan (West Bengal)
      o Mailing list Burdwan
Archives: Contact mail-id :
thecyberzone at, webmaster at
    * Bandel LUG — CSSLUG
    * ILUG-Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
      o Mailing list at
    * Bihar Linux User Group
    * Patna Linux Users Group
    * Mizoram
    * North East LUG Kokrajhar
    * Polar Players GNU/LUG
    * Nixal GNU/Linux User Group of Netaji Subhash Engineering
College, Kolkata
    * Linux user group of Durgapur (dgplug)


    * Linux Council of India
    * Linux on Yahoogroups
    * AMCLUG
    * Codebreaker

Indic Computing, localisation

    * Indic Computing
      o Mailing list at
    * TAMIL-LINux/unIX
      o A group involved in the development of Tamil on Linux/Unix.
Members are self-interested enthusiasts who contribute in their free
time. Anyone is free to join this group and contribute to Tamil on

Linux in Education (India)

    * Gnoware
      o By `gnowledge' we mean the knowledge accessible freely for the
community in general, and to the users of the WWW in particular.
      o Gnosys mailing lists
    * Linux @ Schools
    * FOSS EDU

LIFE-GNUL in Edn      life at
LIFE-2                life at
LIFE-Nagarajuna G.    nagarjun at
LIFEAdmin             life-admin at

Magazines, other resources

    * Linux For You

GNU/Linux links and lists (Asia)

    * GNU Linux In Asia
    * Bangladesh Linux Users Group
      o This is an informal forum where Linux users, fans and
followers can meet and excahnge information.
    * Bangladesh Linux Users Alliance
      o A community of Linux and UNIX enthusiasts dedicated to
teaching and learning about Linux, Open Sorce and Open Standards
throughout Bangladesh.
    * Open Source Resource Centre of Pakistan
    * Linux Pakistan
      o Mailing list address general at
    * Israel Group of Linux Users, IGLU
      o Mailing lists at
    * Lanka Linux Users Group LKLUG
    * Linux com np
      o Email address admin at
    * Malaysia
      o Email myoss at
    * Malaysia OSSIG httpthanks for all the feedback. the
possibilities are endless it seems, that's why we love gnu/linux
      o Email ossig at
    * Mauritius Linux User Group
      o Mailing list at
List address discuss-linux at
    * LUG Myanmar (Burma)
    * Philippines
      o Mailing list
    * Singapore
    * Tajik Linux Users' Group and Young Ladies Tajik Linux Users
    * Tajikistan (non-English)
    * Vietnam Linux Users' Group
    * Linux-Nepal
    * Etisalat University College Linux Users Group

West Asian region

    *  Arabeyes, the Arabic unix project
Arabeyes is a Meta project that is aimed at fully supporting the
Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment. It is designed to be a
central location to standardize the Arabization process. Arabeyes
relies on voluntary contributions by computer professionals and
enthusiasts all over the world.
    * Linux Middle East
    * Linux Iran
    * Yemen
    * Linux Iran
    * Saudi Arabia (Arabic site)
    * Linux4Arab:
    * Linux Egypt
    * Egyptian GNU/Linux Users Group
    * Palestine Linux Users Group
    * Arabic
    * Linux Syria
    * Haydar, making a new distro for "all people including Arabs"
    * Etisalat University College Linux Users Group

GNU/Linux links and lists (Africa)


    * NG-LUG, Lagos
    * LUG-Nigeria

GNU Linux links and lists (Latin America)


    * Brasil Total

GNU/Linux links and lists (Miscellaneous)

    * Linux Announce
      o Email events to

GNU                   gnu at
GNU-Column            column at
Linux training        linux at (in Bangalore)


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