eGovernance in India

Improving eGovernance in INDIA

Views on CIC and its future by CIC-Operators, CIC-Lakhipur, Cachar, Assam.

Posted by egovindia on June 18, 2006

The Deputy Commissioner,
Abhishek Singh

Respected Sir,

It is good luck to CIC and to CIC-Personal that still you are thinking
positive for CIC. We are trying our outmost to survive and to revive the
CIC. You have writely mentioned in your mail that without the Govt.
support CIC can't be run, though its costing is question. But Sir, if
once The E-governance starts the people will also avail the best services
from CIC and as such a minimum running cost can be mitigate, aboveall the
service is the main thing, how the rural people will get the IT services
at their door steps. regerding the maintanance of CIC the NET services
will be continue through NIC and the Salary matter of CIC-Personal can
also be mitigate if the Govt. think it broadly, the CIC may be used as a
major revenue earning agencies. Moreover in the NE states the IT
department is very new and can be absorbed to CIC operators on it. It is
to mentioned here that CIC is moving gradually on its end part of
agreement and it may be handedover to State Govt. but in last five years
not even a single application has implimented in the CIC by the Govt.
still we are trying but it is not sure when we will be success to
impliment the so called E-governance. Once it starts we can dream for
survivel. So, herewith requesting your goodself to take the necessary
steps to impliment the projects at NE-States. We hope your favourable
steps in this regard the CIC will be a major IT thrust in the North East

Thanking you.

Vaskar N.Misra.
Cachar, Assam.


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