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Posted by egovindia on June 19, 2006


Hi All,

  This is Udayan Hazarika greets all of you to participating in bringing-up ICT service in North East. Information Technology (IT) is now an indispensable object for development a society. CIC has been fulfilling this need in the North Eastern region. I feel this as a close associate of CIC. From very beginning I have a habit to visit CIC and take its utility. Lots of things have in my notice.

CIC has been setup in the year 2002 of 17 th august with the financial assistance of GOI. This is a real good move of GOI to take care of North Eastern region which always feels that GOI has neglected this part of the country. GOI has initially providing financial assistance to the year 2007 17th august (according to MOU), but after that?

Many close watcher and associates of CIC express their views regarding future of CIC. V.Kumarswamy-the e-governance group moderator, Nomita Das, Abhishek Singh -the DC of Mokokchung District,Nagaland etc are some prominent viewer. Among of them, V.Kumaraswamy has point out about job regularization of CIC in his view. Abhishek Singh has point out to extending the financial assistance of GOI. As a Dc he feels that less density is the also one point of less user of CIC.

Personally I feel that CIC makes a habit in the rural area to involving with IT scenario and it is a big developing matter of the region. But we should not evaluate it from monetary corner. We should accept it a rural development process. Basically large people of the rural area are in below poverty line. According to the 5th economic census of Assam, 67.88% people of rural area in Assam are in below poverty line. So, rural people cannot ready to pay for the service as a commercial pattern.

According to the fifth economic census (year 2005) of Assam, 53.9% population is unemployed out of total literate population. It is a dangerous track for Assam. I think CIC can help to reduce it, but for that GOI and respective State Governments should take positive decision. The Operators who associate with the CIC since inception are now in indecisive. They cannot know about their future and it is real injustice of them and it should not happen in the country like India

 So Personally I request the GOI and State Governments to regularize the job of CIC Operators and for that formulate a right decision. Secondly GOI and State Governments have utilized the CIC as a rural development process. Thirdly, creating more employment under CIC. Fourthly GOI and States Governments should giving importance to popularize it.

Hope CIC is working as a lead government agency for development process in near future and all of us to watch closely for it.

Udayan Hazarika


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