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National Institute For Smart Government -NISG – Why 9 Crores ?

Posted by egovindia on June 19, 2006

National Institute  For Smart Government

17.0  One of the components of the Plan Schemes under the nomenclature ‘Plan Scheme on Administrative Reform’ in operation during the Tenth Five Year (2002-2007) has been the setting up of National Institute For Smart Government (NISG). SMART is acronym for Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent. The Ministry has already initiated certain measures towards achieving the goal of operationalising SMART administration. Those measures, inter alia, include Citizens' Charter, Information and Facilitation Counters (IFCs), Redressal of Public Grievances, transparency in Government and Right to Information, e-governance, etc. Those measures are intended to make administration citizen-friendly, responsible and responsive.

17.1     Setting up of the National Institute of Smart Government was one of the 108 recommendations made by the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development. The National Institute for SMART Government (NISG) aims to be the premier enabler of ‘smart governance’, wherein governments’ knowledge, services and processes are conveniently accessible to its customers and designed around their needs.   In doing so, NISG intends to offer unique value proposition to six groups that define its existence i.e  Citizen, Governments, financial institutions, alliance partners that include IT firms, employees and stakeholders.

17.2                 The NISG is supposed to offer high end neutral consultancy for structuring and implementing e-governance projects. The NISG will be a lean, horizontal, non-profit organization, with a limit of 20 persons at any given point of time.  Hence it would be more virtual than real in it’s functioning. The core Team of NISG will include high quality professionals with relevant experience.

17.3.                It is envisaged that the Institute will have Rs. 10 crore equity with 49:51 ratio of Government and non-government share.  NASSCOM has tentatively agreed to invest Rs. 1 crore.  Provision of Rs. 9 Crore has been made for NISG under the Tenth Five Year Plan of the Department of AR&PG.  This amount is proposed to be disbursed to NISG by way of equity, grant and corpus fund.  The Department of Information Technology(DIT) proposes to provide a matching grant of Rs. 10 crore in the same proportion.  The DIT has already released Rs. 1.00 crore to NASSCOM to meet the operational expenses in regard to initial setting up of NISG.  The Government of Andhra Pradesh has agreed to provide Rs. 1 crore towards equity and 4 acres land. The NISG has already been registered as non-profit company and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has also been appointed. NISG has since commenced its operation

17.4                 The contribution of the Tenth Five Year Plan fund available to the tune of Rs. 9.00 crore in the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances for NISG is proposed for release as under:

                        Equity               –                      Rs. 1.00 crore

                        Project intervention       –           Rs. 8.00 crore

            For the financial year 2004-05, it is proposed to release Rs. 1.5 crore for the NISG.

17.5                 The Committee is unhappy to note that allocations for the NISG are being made in the Demands of the Ministry since the financial year 2002-03 but  remained unutilized at the end of each financial year.  Two years have been taken by the Ministry to commence its operation.  The Committee, therefore, desires that the NISG may be made fully operational within the current financial year and administrative reforms can be pursued with full vigour.


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