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OSSRC – Content Creation Competition for Teachers (C3T)

Posted by egovindia on June 19, 2006

Content Creation Competition for


Teachers (C3T)



E-learning technologies and components are being explored by many educational institutions and academics today to enrich the learning experience of the students and/or to address some of the deficiencies in the current learning environment, exploiting multimedia, internet technologies, and personalization.

Content has always been one of the important elements of learning irrespective whether traditional or online. However, effective content delivery is much more than just web-enabling content. The online learning experience would really be effective if the content is delivered by leveraging instruction design principles combined with the opportunities offered by Information technology. Educational organisations are now encouraging their teachers to make use of computers to enrich their teaching experience, by providing training programs, infrastructure etc. This has resulted in more and more teachers being computer literate and many of them are already experimenting with relevant technologies, ranging from presentation slides, WebPages, e-mail, etc to online testing systems.

Unfortunately, often the quality content prepared by good teachers is limited to associated educational institutes due to lack of opportunities to make this content available to the society.

About the Competition

In order to encourage more teachers to take up electronic content development and recognize good content through international visibility and direct awards, Open Source Software Resource Center (OSSRC) announces a content creation competition for teachers (C3T). The main aim of this competition is to motivate teachers to create quality online content and later make this content available to the community. School and college teachers from any discipline, with basic knowledge of computers, can participate in the competition. Participant teachers would be required to create a course in any subject, using an open source tool Moodle (more information on Moodle in subsequent sections).


This competition is organized by OSSRC, which is a joint initiative of IBM Corporation, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai (IIT-B) and the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Mumbai. OSSRC's goals are to develop, adopt and disseminate solutions, education and content that use open standards in support of India's economic development plans. OSSRC is expected to be a nerve centre for Open Source Software (OSS) activities in India. The major objectives of OSSRC are:

  • Foster significant OSS development and promotion of Open Standards in India
  • Develop high-quality training programs around OSS technology
  • Development and adoption of OSS based authoring tools, mark-up languages, teacher training and content repository


  • Separate prizes will be awarded for content from school teachers and college teachers
  • Upto five best projects will be chosen in each category
  • The winners will be offered fellowship to C-DAC Mumbai ( 2 week per person ), along with a certificate of recognition from OSSRC-CDAC-IITB
  • The content created by the winning teams will be hosted on the OSSRC website, with full credit to the teachers involved.
  • First two projects in each category will be awarded cash prizes


  • Teams will consist of one or two teachers from any discipline
  • Good familiarity with computers and Moodle; No programming knowledge required

Minimum Expectations

The teachers need to create content using the open source tool Moodle. Content should be organized in the form of a “Course” in Moodle. We expect the “course” to consist of atleast the following

  • Each course should contain minimum of five “topics”
  • Each topic should contain
    • Minimum of two “Resources”
    • Minimum of one “Quiz”
    • Minimum of one “Assignment”
  • Minimum of two “Forums”/“Choice” per course


  • Please go through the guidelines before creating the course
  • The items enclosed within “” are Moodle specific terms.


  • OSSRC will release accepted entries under an open source license on its website. Credit will be given to the developer teachers.
  • Only open source tools and packages to be used. If in doubt write to C3T Coordinator or post your query on the OSSRC Forum


  • Choice of topic:
    • Topic can be chosen from any subject in the school/college curriculum
    • The topic should be neither too vast (E. g High School Maths, Physics etc) nor too small (E.g Pythagoras Theorem, Newton’s First Law)
    • An ideal topic could be something like Thermodynamics, Trigonometry (8th Std), Nature of Chemical Bonds etc
    • Basically a topic for the course can map to a few chapters in a school/college subject’s chapter
  • Nature of content
    • Try to use the capabilities of a computer in selecting suitable content.
    • Use a variety of media – text, video, audio, animation, pictures, etc – limited by the skills and resources available to you. Make sure that all the pieces are relevant to what is being taught.
    • Bring to bear your knowledge of learner behavior and pedagogy, to choose the right way to teach the different fragments of your course.
    • The course should be effective for the intended learner and impose minimum cognitive load in navigation and such aspects.
  • A demo course using Moodle is available on OSSRC website. Register at OSSRC website for access to this and other resources.

Evaluation Parameters

  • Quality of content including use of multimedia, appropriateness of different media element, level of detail, appropriate use of pedagogies, etc.
  • Organisation & Design of content
  • Appropriate use of Moodle’s features as per the need of the subject

How to submit

  • Export the course using the "Backup" utility of Moodle. A zip file of the course will be formed.
  • Send the following to  
    • Course zip file
    • One page on each team member which includes
      • Name of the member
      • Name of school/college/organization
      • Subjects you teach
      • Contact Details
    • Certificate of originality and permission to opensource / release content. Template available on the OSSRC website.

Platform and tools

Only open source tools should be used in this competition. Moodle is the platform LMS. Audacity is a powerful audio editor and Kino can be used to edit (cut/paste, etc) videos, if you would like to try audio/video content. Blender can be used for animation, 3D images, etc. For editing pictures/images, you can use GIMP, INKSCAPE, etc. All these are open source and available for download from the URLs below:

Important Dates

  • Register before – 15th July, 2006
  • Submit before – 1st November, 2006
  • Declaration of results – 15th November, 2006
  • Prize Distribution – 15th December, 2006

Contact Us

Content Creation Competition for Teachers
Rain Tree Marg, Near Bharati Vidyapeeth
Sector 7, CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai, 400 614
You can download this document in PDF format here.


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