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Mobile Phone Revolution Transforms Economic Landscape of India: Dayanidhi Maran

Posted by egovindia on June 21, 2006

Mobile Phone Revolution Transforms Economic Landscape of India: Dayanidhi Maran

13th June, 2006 – Press Information Bureau

New Delhi,  Jyaistha  23, 1928
June 13, 2006

Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of Communications & Information Technology  has said that ever since the first GSM network rolled out in India it has  completely transformed the telecommunication infrastructure of the country, making the country’s every seventh person to possess a phone connection.   Shri Maran said this while he was addressing the Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA) Board , which met for the first time, here today. The transformation was in such a manner that the telephone connection ratio has come down to 1:7 from 1:125.    Out of this, more than two thirds are  using a mobile phone.   In fact, the telecom revolution in the past decade can be termed as mobile revolution, he added.   The mobile revolution has completely transformed the economic landscape of the  country.   This revolution, in turn, has led to the improved economic growth and has played a key role in the success of the Indian reforms/liberalisation process,  the Minister said.

 Speaking further Shri Maran said that the above fact could be ratified if one stepped out in streets to witness the success of mobile telephony in India.    “Students, housewives, carpenters, plumbers, vegetable vendors – you would be hard put to find a category in urban India that has not adopted the mobile phone with a vengeance”, he said.   The Minister further said that this success has been possible  because of the ability to deliver the services to the  citizens at a price that they could afford.  Mobile tariffs in India are  the lowest in the world.   This is due to the fact that in India the model is based on volumes and not margins, he added.

 Speaking on the rural connectivity Shri Maran said that Rural India, which accounts for over 70% of our population is still to experience the telecom revolution.   Rural tele density in the country is still at around 1.9%. India cannot truly move forward unless we carry with us 70% of our citizens that reside in rural areas.   Thus, improved rural connectivity is one of the highest priority areas before the Government, he said.

RM/NCJ/AMA- 130606 GSMA Meet


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