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Improving eGovernance in INDIA

State wide e-Gov project in Uttaranchal, India

Posted by egovindia on June 21, 2006

State wide e-Gov project in Uttaranchal, India
06 June 2006

Uttaranchal is embarking on an ambitious statewide e-Governance project, with a little help from Singapore.  CrimsonLogic, a Singapore-based IT solutions firm, which has successfully executed several e-Gov projects in Singapore, is planning to build a citizen data vault to store statistical and biometric data of its eight million citizens. CrimsonLogic will design, develop and implement the vault and develop a statewide public key infrastructure (PKI) for the secure delivery of e-Governance services to Uttaranchal's citizens and its businesses. The vault will serve as Uttaranchal's central data hub and the single source of citizen data for all its 109 government departments. This is the largest IT project undertaken by Uttaranchal government with private help and will be implemented by the end of the year on a fast track basis.


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