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Community Information Center Project -Arunachal Pradesh

Posted by egovindia on June 22, 2006

Community Information Center Project
       Arunachal Pradesh

In February 2000, Prime Minister of India announced plan for establishing IT facilities at Block level in North-Eastern region including Sikkim. The establishment of Community Information Centres (CICs) has been envisaged as a means to use the benefits of Information Technology (IT) to raise the socio-economic conditions of the people of India particularly those in the remote areas of the North Eastern states including Sikkim. This proposal is planned as a major initiative from the government to utilize IT as a cutting edge tool of development for the North Eastern states including Sikkim by establishing Community Information Centres in 487 blocks of these 8 states.  These CICs will help the region avail the benefits of global connectivity through Internet and will also help the  state governments to plan for IT based citizen-centric applications making govt. services available through CICs. Under the project, computers, peripherals along with VSATs for satellite communication will be placed at designated locations in each block in all the North-Eastern States including  Sikkim.Out of these, 30 Blocks were covered under a pilot project implemented during 2000-2001 including 2 at Yupia and Sagalee of Arunachal Pradesh. Pilot project was inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister, IT on  August 12, 2000.

The 457 CICs were  formally dedicated to the people of North East and sikkim in a function organised at Guwahati by the Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology on August 17, 2002 in presence of Chief Ministers and Senior Ministers of all the NE States. On the same day, many CICs in Arunachal Pradesh were inaugurated by the Hon'ble Ministers/ Deputy Commissioners/ Block Development Officers. With the establishment of CICs in NE States and Sikkim, these states have become the first to have the latest IT infrastructure at block level.

CIC Statistics in Arunachal Pradesh

Pilot Phase 2(Two) Yupia and Sagalee in Papumpare District
Ist Phase 10(Ten) Lumla, Dirang, Chayan-tajo,Ziro-I, Daporijo, Basar, Anini, Namsai, Khagam, Namsang
2nd (Final) Phase 44(Forty Four) Tawang, Thingbu-Mukto,Kalaktang, Nafra, Seppa, Pakke-Kessang, Bameng, Ziro-II, Raga, Palin, Nyapin, Koloriang, Tali, Damin, Chambang, Dumporijo, Taliha, Nacho, Giba, Pasighat, Mebo, Pangin, Ramle-Bango, Along, Rumgong, Liromoba, Kaying, Gensi, Mechuka, Yinkiong, Jengging, Mariyang, Tuting, Roing, Hunli-Kronli, Tezu, Hayuliang, Hawai, Wakro, Changlang, Bordumsa-Diyum, Nampong-Manmao, Niausa, Pangchau-Wakka.
Total CIC Operators 112 (2 Per CIC)
Total CIC Operators Trained 110


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