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Indira Gandhi National Open University – CIC North East Project

Posted by egovindia on June 22, 2006

About the Project |

Initiatives Undertaken by IGNOU under North East Project |

North   East  Cell   at  IGNOU  Headquarters

1. About the Project

The North eastern states are very different in many ways from the other parts of India. It is a land of breath-taking natural beauty. The region comprises of eight states viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim. These States have the maximum number of Tribals living within. Many tribal languages are spoken throughout these eight states. This region has remained backward in the field of communications and even after fifty years of independence , the region has a poor economy and connectivity remains a problem. Territory wise this region is the most sensitive region touching many countries like China, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar & Bangladesh. In view of the continuing backwardness of North East region, the need for a new and synergetic incentive package was widely felt to stimulate development of industries. Hon'ble Prime Minister made a statement at Guwahati on October 27, 1996 that new initiatives would be announced for the industrial development of the North Eastern Region. Though natural resources are available in plenty , scarcity is felt in terms of manpower. People of this region feel un-secured and do not come forward to accept the responsibilities due to the frequent intervention of militancy. Towards the development of North East, the Government of India implements the projects & programmes by providing funds through different Ministries. One of the on going projects with IGNOU which is sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development on 'Educational Development of North East and Sikkim'. This project is funded by MHRD from a non-lapsable central pool of resources(NLCPR)created in the planning commission. An amount of Rs.8 crore has been sanctioned to IGNOU by the Ministry for the educational Development in the North East. . The objectives of this project include:


Creating educational accessibility in all the eight States of north east region by establishing the learning centres/tele learning centres covering the remote and far off places of the States.

2. Initiatives Undertaken by IGNOU under North East Project

IGNOU Regional Centres (RCs) have been functional in Shillong  and Guwahati since 1988 and 1996  respectively. Other six centers became operational  in the state capitals of all the

States and
Sikkim since January 2001 under North East Educational Development Project. 
In all the  Regional Centres of North East    tele-learning centers have been established  with 15 to 30  computers  based on the size and requirement  of the respective centers.  Computers    have   also   been  provided  at  the  select   study  centres also

2.1 Delivery Service Network

IGNOU has established 128 learning centres so far in all eight States of North east as a delivery network to meet the requirement of the learners and provide better services to them. Most of the study centres are equipped with computers and down linking facility to access the IGNOU satellite programmes. IGNOU has also signed an MOU with
Director General, Assam Rifles, Shillong in April 20,2002  to establish a Regional Centre at Assam Rifles. More twenty study centres have been made operational under this project to deliver the IGNOU programmes.

2.2 FM Radio Stations

Prasar Bharti and Ministry of Communication Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India have, in principle, accepted the need for establishing FM Radio stations in the North East Region. During the first phase of the expansion programme, two State capitals, Guwahati & Shillong,  were identified for this purpose and the operation of these two stations is expected to begin soon. During the second phase, six remaining state capitals are expected to have FM radio stations. IGNOU will play  a major role as a nodal agency for the  operation of the FM stations.

2.3 Computer Literacy Programme

As a part of the North East Educational Development activity, the Computer Literacy Programme(CLP) was launched from November 1,2002 in most of the states of North East. This was launched through select study centers of IGNOU and Community  Information  Centres (CICs) of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology spread across  the region on pilot basis. As a collaborative initiative, IGNOU has signed an MOU with  Ministry of Communications & Information Technology  on 31st March 2003 for the utilization of the Community Information Centres of North East established by the Ministry.  CLP is a computer training programme of one month duration covering the basics of computer operations and applications (WINDOWS & MS-OFFICE) . A certificate of participation  is awarded by IGNOU to the successful participants. IGNOU has specially designed & prepared a set of printed material in English for Computer Literacy Programme and the same has been  translated in Hindi also.  As and when the need is felt, material can be translated in other Indian languages and the programme can be activated in the respective states.Through  its pilot launch of CLP training, IGNOU could train considerable number of candidates  in different states of North East. Activation  of  more  such  centres  is in  the  process. The number of participants who have successfully completed CLP from the entire North East till May   2004 is 3941. Following  is  the      State  wise     break up  of  number    of  CIC’s under  operational   for  CLP  programme and   total  enrolment   till   May  2004.

Name  of  the RC

Number  of  CIC  Activated Number  of  Students trained at CIC/TLC
(till  May 2004)
Aizawl 12 552
Agartala 29 874
Shillong 8 659
Imphal 33 396
Kohima 14 180
Itanagar 5 628
Gangtok 9   33
Guwahati 62 619
Total 172 3941


2.4 Admission procedure for CLP

Detailed information about the programme, eligibility criteria, programme fee etc is available in the prospectus . Interested candidates can download admission form. Filled in applications along with required fee should be submitted to IGNOU Regional centre of your State whose address is given in Admission to this programme is done on monthly basis. You can opt any of the Community Information Centres near to your place or tele-learning centres of IGNOU for practical training.

2.5 Self Instructional Study material for CLP

IGNOU provides printed study material to its learners. There is no separate charges for the study material.

2.6 NEMFo

North East Educational Media focus(NEMFo) is a special initiative undertaken by IGNOU in collaboration with EMPC to train the young film produces from the North East.  In  the first phase 19 films have been completed .  Basically these films are aimed at capacity building  and also to encourage the young professionals to contribute to the making of documentary films related to environment, ecology, social and cultural aspects of North east Region. This would also help in generating self employment in the region. Many of the films have been selected for screening at the India International center ( IIC ),
New Delhi.
3. North   East  Cell   at  IGNOU  Headquarters In  order  to  coordinate   the  activities   of the    project   in  the    region   as  well  as  with  the  various Ministries  IGNOU  has   set up   a special  cell  at  its   Headquarters  with   the  following  officials:



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