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Sikkim: Community Information Centre – A Success Story

Posted by egovindia on June 22, 2006

Sikkim: Community Information Centre – A Success Story

The Project of setting up Community Information Centers (CICs) in Sikkim was launched by the Government of India in the month of September 2000. Out of the total of 487 such centres in the North Eastern Region Sikkim was allotted 40 centres. A Community Information Centre (CIC) is essentially a computer centre, equipped with six computers (server and 5 client machines), printers (1 Laser & 1 Dot matrix), a generator set and a direct satellite link for accessing the Internet. Two Computer Operators – cum – Instructors have been posted at each center.

CICs have been set up with view to spread I.T. awareness among the people both at rural and urban level. It has been set up with an aim to bridge the gap between the wired elite and the non-wired masses.

The 40 centres have been located homogenously all over Sikkim at altitudes as low as almost sea level and as high as 10,000 ft. The users are also equally diverse – from yak herders to the urban elite.

It was decided by the IT Department that the day to day running of each CIC would be handed over to a committee consisting of local Panchayat president, RDA / VLO / School Principal / or Director, SIRD / as the case may be as member and one CIC operator as member. However, the physical maintenance of equipments would be done by NIC and disbursement of salary by IT Department.

The committee would be responsible for the following activities:·      Organizing computer-training programmes for the public.·      Ensuring that users maintain decorum in the center and do not misuse the computers. Also ensuring that centers open and close in time.·      Carrying out an awareness campaign about facilities available in the computers center.·      Ensuring safety of inventory of the equipment.·      Ensuring that accounts are maintained properly in the cash receipt and cash expenditure and proper receipt are issued.·      Reporting and breakdown of the equipment of the IT Department and NIC.

The above steps would be in line with the decision of the government to strengthen the Panchayati Raj Institution and devolve powers to it.

CIC, Yuksam in particular has been a real success among the CICs. More than 80 persons have been trained over the last three months. The trainees belong to a wide spectrum – they include

  •    Students : 25 nos.
  •    Housewives : 10 nos.
  •    Farmers : 15 nos.
  •    Teachers : 18 nos.
  •    Panchayats :8 nos.

A Quiz competition on IT was also organized by the CIC, Yuksam where the participation was overwhelming.

The Department of IT has even installed a copier machine at CIC, Yuksam that has made life a lot easier for people in and around Yuksam. Earlier, for photocopying purpose the people had to go 40 kms to Gayzing to get it done. During this recent ration card registration process, more than 200 people made use of this facility to get their required documents photocopied.


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