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Govt ups budget to bridge digital divide in Northeast

Posted by egovindia on June 23, 2006

Govt ups budget to bridge digital divide in Northeast

New Delhi,
August 18, 2001

The government has raised the budget of the proposed project aimed at bridging the digital divide in the Northeast by over Rs 100 crore. The estimated cost is now held to be around Rs 220 crore.

According to sources, the government will invest in community information centres (CIC) which will act as cyber cafis in each of the approximately 484 blocks in the entire North-East.

The CICs will initially have five terminals, which will later be increased as per the need. The centres will be using very small aperture terminals (V-Sats).

The sources pointed out that a pilot project has already been implemented and once the project is fully operational  in about a year's time  the effort will be to replicate the Jammu and Kashmir model.

Under the pilot project, these information centres have been equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies. Items of expenditure include maintenance of equipment, training of personnel and their deployment at these centres.

Earlier this year, the standing committee on information technology had said that the funds allocated by the IT ministry to expand the CIC project to the entire north-eastern region was grossly inadequate at Rs 57 crore.

"During the year, 457 new CICs are being planned in all the North-East states at a cost of Rs 57 crore.

Although it is a commendable measure, the committee finds that the fund allocated for the new CICs is grossly inadequate, as 30 CICs were set up last year at a cost of Rs 15 crore, whereas this year 457 CICs are being planned with Rs 57 crore only," the committee had noted in its report.

Meanwhile, the government has reconstituted the erstwhile North-Eastern and Border-area IT Action Force (Nebita) for assisting in the preparation of five-year and annual IT plans for the region, including Sikkim.

There will be focus on creating awareness about benefits of IT and HRD in infotech and communication.

Source: Capital Markets


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