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eGovINDIA Group started eGovNORTHEAST Group on Nov 13, 2005 and working to towards helping 487 CIC’s of NORTHEAST and First Email Letter dated December 29th 2005.

Posted by egovindia on June 24, 2006

eGovNORTHEAST · NORTHEAST States Discussion Group

Website to visit all these States:


There 487 CIC's established by NIC. Let us make these more formidable.

Discussion on true e-Governance with focus on Transparency, Integrity, gender equity, women empowerment, Processes, Security, Accountability, empowerment of rural masses and Accessibility

Definition of e-governance:
"Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that empowers the Government, its citizens including the Government employees, weaker sections, women, people living in far flung and difficult areas and the business houses to transact businesses with government and its agencies online 24/7 "

Let us put our STATE's interest first and participate in all discussions of J & K and NORTHEAST States .

Let us protect our STATE and then SECURITY of our NATION.

Let us make sure National Right to Information ACT implemented properly.

Let us make sure HONESTY of every employee is appreciated by J & K and NORTHEAST States.

Let us stop CORRUPTION at all levels of eGov of J & K and NORTHEAST States.

Let us make all Laws are properly followed by J & K and NORTHEAST States.

Northeast India is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions in Asia. Each of the seven states of the region has its distinct culture and tradition. Before the British the region had been politically independent but, particularly Assam, Manipur and Tripura, enjoyed cultural linkage with the main stream India from ancient time.
Home to many tribes and groups, the region is highly sensitive due to its strategic geo-political location sharing over 2,000 km of border with Bhutan, China, Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh. It is connected to the rest of India by a narrow 20-km wide corridor of land.

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  • Category: India
  • Founded: Nov 13, 2005
  • Language: English

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eGovNORTHEAST First email Letter December 29th 2005

Subject: [eGovNORTHEAST] Request to CM and others in ASSAM STATE to make information available at all 219 CIC’s for people of ASSAM STATE as per RTI Act 2005.

Judicial Reforms & India Whistle Blower’s Action Group
Facilitating Emergence of New India
Based on Values of Transparency & Accountability, E Governance,
Natural Justice, Human Rights and Human Dignity

December 29th, 2005


Hon. Shri Tarun Gogoi
Chief Minister, Assam

Others in GoAssam State,

This is V. M. Kumaraswamy MBA, in business since 1971. Founder and Moderator of India’s largest e-governance yahoo-group under the title eGovINDIA. You can reach this group at

eGovINDIA is a group dedicated to promoting true e-governance in India, consisting of members from all walks of life from within INDIA and the World over. Many State Ministers and senior bureaucrats of India are members of this group. We do have lawyers, social activists, freelance writers and journalists in the group. The group is meant for serious activists only. Casual members are not allowed to join the group. The group is also moderated by an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer. As on date, the ! group has nearly 2680 members.

The focus of this group is true e-governance and use of open source technology in e-governance. The members of this forum have a passion to see a truly e-governed India, resulting in transparency and easy access to government services by the common man, notably the depressed class people (so called untouchables), women and people living in far flung and difficult areas of India.

`Right to Information Act will empower common people’. An inalienable right conferred on citizens. The eGovINDIA and INDIA RTI Consortium strongly advocate that ALL Governance in INDIA needs NRTI Act 2005 implemented effectively and properly to follow RTIA which means Responsibility, Transparency, Integrity and Accountability.

The RTI legislative intent is clear; People are entitled to know how their money is spent. The onus is on all of us to make the Act work. In effect, therefore, the right conferred on the citizen is an exhaustive one. It allows them to assess and examine every government decision, to study the reasons recorded by the government for taking a particular step, and to utilise information so gathered to ensure that government acts in a transparent and just manner.

Indeed, the preamble to the RTI Act puts it well when it says, “democracy requires an informed citizenry and transparency of information” and adds these “are vital to its functioning and also to contain corruption and to hold Governments and their instrumentalities accountable to the governed”.

eGovINDIA’s subsidiary groups:
India WhistleBlower Act: The Action Group
Exclusive Discussion Group on! Judicial and Legal Reforms in INDIA.
Right to Information in INDIA discussion group

We would like all of you know that we have a group discussing about True eGovernance for Assam State and one group for eGovernance of Northeast States.

eGovASSAM group for TRUE eGovernance in ASSAM STATE

eGovNORTHEAST group for TRUE eGovernance in NORTHEAST STATES

ASSAM STATE Information:

There are 23 Districts and 219 blocks where CIC sites have been set up by NIC. We are working NIC in other areas. These 219 blocks will be useful for eGovernance NETWORKING and Disseminating Information to general Public under the RTI Act 2005.

The districts where CIC’s are set up is given below :

Click on a district name to obtain the block wise details of that district :

Barpeta, Bongaigaon, Cachar
Darrang, Dhemaji, Dhubri
Dibrugarh, Goalpara, Golaghat
Halaikandi, Jorhat, Kamrup
Karbi Anglong, Karimganj, Kokrajhar
Lakhimpur, Marigaon, N.C. Hills
Nagaon, Nalbari, Sibsagar
Sonitpur, Tinsukia

We would like to request the Assam Government to have all the Block Level Data available to people of Assam through these CIC’s throughout the State of Assam. We can work with you on this locally to implement these effectively with Local People and NGO’s.

All of the information we are asking is for the benefit of people in the Villages, Blocks and Districts in ASSAM STATE.

The DISTRICT WEBSITE’s has only total information on District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) total spending or Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan(SSA) total spending.

Specifically we would like to have Block Level Expenditures available at all CIC’s of Assam State. CIC’s are BLOCK LEVEL OFFICES. All the information made available to people in these CIC’s area. The information should be given with BLOCK BREAK DOWN with Names of VILLAGES and GRAM PANCHYATS. This will help the people to access the information at CIC’s and get to know what work is going on at their VILLAGES and BLOCKS.

Also the following information need to be available at all CIC’s for the benefit of people of ASSAM STATE as per the RTI Act 2005.

1. Information on health plan spending and the new plans on NRHM – National rural health mission is not available in the ASSAM Govt. website. These should be made available at all CIC’s NETWORK in ASSAM State for the people in each can access the information easily.

2. Recently the Assam Govt has got a huge budget under the plan allocations from the PM, How ASSAM Government going to spend and allocate these to Distrists, Blocks and Villages ?

3. The break up of health spending under various departments say health, allocations to the PHC’s, CHC’s etc. All of these need to be made available at all CIC’s of ASSAM STATE.

eGovINDIA and INDIA RTI has Sathyasree Goswami in Assam who can coordinate these efforts and work with you all. We have a good NETWORK in ASSAM.

If you and others need any more information we will provide that for you.

Expecting an early reply from all of you.


V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA.
Founder and Moderator

Contact in ASSAM:
Sathyasree Goswami
shakti collective
Rural Volunteers Centre (RVC)
Campus, Vill. Akajan 787059
Dist. Dhemaji, Assam

General CONTACT for eGovINDIA and INDIA RTI:
Rajshekhar Bhujanga

[The Convener of E KAVI Human Rights Committee; Former HR Head in Several Corporations; Worked in different types of economy/Service like Central Government Public Sector, Private Sector Multinational, NGO and Military]


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