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ELCOT commences OSS training to its employees

Posted by egovindia on June 24, 2006

[eGovINDIA] ELCOT commences OSS training to its employees

On 15-6-06, ELCOT commenced its OSS training activites, starting with its own employees.

All the officer level employees numbering over 25 took part in the training on 15th June. Their laptops were converted into OSS (Open Suse 10.0) a day earlier. The MD took up the teacher's role. Whatever the MD showed on LCD projector was tried by the trainees on their laptops.
The following inputs were given in the first phase:
1. Logging in
2. Creating new user
3. How to disable automatic log on for users other than the root users.
4. How to enable password less log on for users other than root users.
5. Browsing the hard disk
6. Browsing the DVD/removable media.
7. How to configure (customise) the auto mount for removable media.
8. How to change the desktop environment.
9. How to configure the display using Control Centre /YAST
10. How to configure network device – wireless and ethernet network using YAST. (Wireless network was configured and shown during the training. Internet connectivity through wireless LAN was demonstrated).
12. How to operate the control centre using root privilege (YAST)
13. How to use terminal window to quickly ascertain network IP address configuration and to use ping commands.
14. Using Xine – DVD/Movie player.
15. Open office. org – OO Writer –  The whole OO writer suite was explained and compared with Ms-word.
16. Open office.Calc – compared with Msexcel –  upto chart creation was explained.
17. Open office.impress – compared with MS power point presentation.
18. How to hibernate a laptop using the suspend keys.

The officers were now given an option either to use the existing MS operating system or switch over to Open suse 10.0.
The next session is for the rest of the employees. Their desktop machines are getting converted to Redhat and Open suse.
Redhat has come forward to  assist the migration. As of now, ELCOT's system adminstrator himself does the migration cum training the employees on linux installation procedure.


C.Umashankar IAS., (TamilNadu Cadre)
e-governance expert.
& Managing Director, Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu (ELCOT)

Mankind deserves open standards and open source software. Only the chosen ones get its taste. Others just hear the taste.

Ph: 91-44-42152200


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