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ELCOT would spearhead use in Government: Re: [eGovINDIA] Don’t pirate MS-Office: use ours, says

Posted by egovindia on June 24, 2006

ELCOT would spearhead use in Government: Re: [eGovINDIA] Don't pirate MS-Office: use ours, says

People who had not used alone tend to pirate Msoffice. The fact is that people can use open office and get away from the "Pirate" guilt.
Open office is more advanced than Msoffice because it offers cross platform compatibility on the one hand (Linux and windows) and open office <-> Msoffice cross migration. One can save an open offiice document in word format and open all MSoffice files, including excel and power point in open office.
 These two vital facilities are not available in Msoffice.
Open office also has a built in pdf writer. The latest build of linux comes with pdf reader (Adobe) version 7 which has all the facilites as compared to windows. The free pdf creator facility is the third advantage.
Of course the best advantage, that is free of cost offer is the first thing to start with when one uses open office.

ELCOT had made it mandatory to the OEMs to install open office in all the desktop and server systems procured through ELCOT.
Currently we are processing a huge procurement order (over 2500 desktops and 700 servers). In all these systems,  by default open, cute pdf writer, adobe ver.7 etc have been made mandatory.

ELCOT would assist the users to get accustomed to open office environment.
Support, if any from individuals and research institutions in TamilNadu is welcome.


C.Umashankar IAS., (TamilNadu Cadre)
e-governance expert.
& Managing Director, Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu (ELCOT)


Ph: 91-44-42152200


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