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WB report on reforming public services

Posted by egovindia on June 24, 2006

WB report on reforming public services
DH News Service New Delhi:


Greater political ownership, stability of tenure for reform champions and

reinforced accountability mechanisms hold key to improving

public services delivery in India,

a World Bank report says.

The report, Reforming Public Services in India, underscores the need for

greater political consensus on social development programmes,

empowerment of civil services through stability of tenure and managerial

autonomy and greater civil society involvement in programme design and monitoring.

Through a detailed analysis of 31 success stories across several sectors, including education, health, information technology and urban management, the report seeks to build a better understanding as the key factors that enabled these successes.

Releasing the report, Minister of State for Commerce Jairam Ramesh said there has been a continuity in the economic reforms initiated in 1991.

In order to ensure that public service delivery achieves maximum efficiency,

the Government is increasingly using information technology and has empowered

Self-Help Groups to make its public investment programme like

Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme succeed in its reach and impact.

World Bank Country Director for India Michel Carter said the cases documented

in the report “illustrate improvement in service delivery that could take

place even in the absence of large-scale systematic changes”.

The key

The report’s lead author and senior public sector management specialist at the World Bank Vikram Chand said the vision of political leadership along with broad consensus across the party lines holds the key to triggering service delivery reforms. Significantly, the report has identified certain common factors in recent innovations in service delivery.

They pertain to the need for political ownership and consensus for the success of social programmes,

stability of tenure for officials championing reform in service delivery and redefining service standards

and real process re-engineering to accompany e-governance efforts to improve service delivery.


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