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A few more on CIC – Community Information Centre- a few lines

Posted by egovindia on June 25, 2006

A few more on CIC

When  CIC ( Community Information Centre)   project was launched in 2002 ,  as per guideline,  the project would  be funded by Central govt for five years and after that   it would  be either  funded by  State Govt or  run  by NGOs or any other means not clearly specified. As the 5 years tenure is nearing completion ( year 2007) and there is no any indication  on its’ further  continuation, CIC operators getting nervous with  their future. They believe that  taken over by State govt / NGO / State Govt Agency would bring them inevitable death.( I am also empathic on them).

CIC who has been  working multi dimensionally  in knowledge enrichment, bridging digital divide, community development,  E- literacy, E-education, Knowledge Centre, E- commerce , SHG Resource & Training centre etc in rural area and the reason for not showing interest by Govt of India on its’ further continuation is  painful when   billions of rupees are being pumped and wasted  haphazardly in rural area  in the name of rural development.  

When there are  much hullabaloo on  Knowledge Commission, RTI  Act, VKC/ CSC , E-Business  etc etc, the reason for not involving CIC raises eyebrows. May be another Tehelka is needed.



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