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CIC – Potential for greater interaction and networking

Posted by egovindia on June 25, 2006


Thanks a lot for your encouragement.  CIC has potential to contribute to NE with large nos. of computer literate rural youths, infrastructure with satellite broad band connectivity, Uninterrupted power supply, a few clients with server etc. A few major websites on CICs i.e. monitor the activities of CIC), visual daily attendance) , centralized CIC portal) and many others. CIC operators are working towards knowledge revolution in rural area and establishing a virtual knowledge Society in NE through their Network. CIC is working as  Rural Knowledge Centre and a Common Meeting Ground  for rural youths/ SHGs etc. Several NGOs viz. North East High Tech Society, People Advance & Rural technology, People for Animals, Subansiri Khabalu Dev Society, Community Development Forum – Dhkk ( constituted by students of CIC) are working  in tandem with  CIC.

Our plan is to introduce  e-governance and other common services in CIC so as to make CIC as a back-end office of  companies/ govt/ educational institutions  in rural area which will create employment opportunities  for educated unemployed rural youths  as well as will be utilized as rural knowledge power house.


So far , we would be pleased if you can suggest us how/ where  we can utilized our large pool of computer literate rural youths . Once broad band connectivity is established in rural area ( the progress of (Assam)  State Wide Area Network Project is very slow), we may think for out sourcing services to rural area.




D. Dutta


"D. Dutta",

Sat, 14 Jan 2006 13:11:32 -0800



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