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MEMORANDUM Submitted to Hon’ble Minister Dayanidhi Maran, Hon’ble Minister for DONER and hon’ble Members of Parliment from Northeast INDIA States.

Posted by egovindia on June 29, 2006


Submitted To

Hon’ble Minister Dayanidhi Maran,

Hon’ble Minister DONER,

Hon’ble Members of Parliment of INDIA from NORTHEAST

By the CIC (Community Information Centre) Operators of Assam

DATE – 29/06/2006

      We, on behalf of all the CIC Operators of Assam, would like to submit a memorandum for your kind initiative and suggestion for the greater interest of the CIC Project as well as the people of Assam.

      As you are aware that the CIC (Community Information Centre) Project under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) was launched in August, 2002 for extending ICT (Information & Communication Technology) services to the rural people of the country. There are 487 CICs in the 8 (Eight) North Eastern States including Sikkim. Out of which 219 CICs are in Assam.

      CIC is equipped with Computers, VSAT connectivity, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Laser & Dot Matrix Printers and Television sets with IRU (for video broadcasting) and are run by 2 (two) Operators per CIC.

      In the last 3 years & 10 months the CICs have been able to familiarize rural North East with the many facets of ICT. 

      CICs have been providing citizen centric services like ———

  1. Agricultural market information to the farmers.
  2. Veterinary related teleconsultancy services.
  3. Providing Information about Different Government Schemes and Forms (like Kutirjyoti,PMRY,Kalpataru, CMSY, old age pension etc)
  4. On- Line PAN card apply
  5. Postal Information
  6. Air & Railway reservation.
  7. State & National level exam results to the students.
  8. Educational Information
  9. Online Share Trading.
  10. Internet Banking.
  11. Cell one Duplicate Bill
  12. On-line Business.

      CIC has played an important role in the last Parliamentary Election, which includes i) uploading latest election results on the web, ii) various data entry works, iii) installation & maintenance of computer hardware & software provided to the election observers.



      Other important contributions which needs special mention like ——–


  1. Browsing Center : A RURAL INTERNET CAFÉ , where from a student to 70 yrs. old person can surf / chat / mail in a convenient and easy way in support of CIC Operators.
  1. Training : CICs have been providing computer education to the office staff and local youth ( Employed and unemployed), Teachers, Housewives & students by imparting various Certificate Courses like CCC / DOEACC / IGNOU etc.
  1. Communication : All the communication is passed through E-Mail among different office, Dist. H.Q. to Sub Division and up to the Circle and vice versa. WT Massage / Official Progress Report / downloadable materials / office messages etc. from the district level authority to the circle level, block level authority are delivered by CICs only.
  1. B.P.L. Computerization : Each Block, CIC worked for 3 – 4 months by inserting an average of 30-40 Thousand House portfolios.
  1. Hosting Websites : All CICs have launched their websites, where the local databases in each facet like land revenue, social forestry, agricultural sector, health sector, education is also uploaded by the CIC only.

      Moreover, the Central and State Government has also taken initiative to utilize the CICs as nodal centres for implementation of e-governance.

      Now, slowly and steadily the CICs are becoming an indispensable part of our society as well as the State Government.

      In this regard, we would like to furnish the following few points for your kind consideration and necessary action.

  • Regularization of job of the CIC Operators:-

      In this project altogether 438 persons have been employed in Assam and all are working very hard to provide quality service to the rural masses. We have been employed on a contractual basis for 5 (Five) years. This makes our future and the project very uncertain. We would appeal to you in the greater interest of the people of Assam that CICs serve to adopt a long term view of the project and accord it a permanent status. We would also request you to use your good office to regularize the job of all the CIC operators of Assam either under Assam Government or under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Govt. of India.



  • E-Governance:-

      We would also appeal to you for speedy implementation of e-governance through CICs. CICs is equipped with all necessary infrastructure and manpower for its implementation. Though in few CICs e-governance have been implemented but for its overall success each and every CICs of Assam should be given the responsibility for providing this major service. The Government of Assam can do this without spending a single penny only through CICs.

  • Online medical support:-

      We are ready to provide Telemedicine / Teleconsultancy / Online Medical Help. But for that we need your help through the concerned Health Department, Govt. of Assam for necessary services. Here we will go for Video Conferencing but the Govt. of Assam may kindly allot consultant doctors from G.M.C.H. (Guwahati Medical College Hospital). By doing so Assam will be figured in the national / international level in providing ICT services in the rural areas.

  • Disaster Management:-

      CICs can play a big role in Disaster Management. CICs are having VSAT connectivity. So in this regard, CICs can be very useful in providing – 1) Weather information, 2) Satellite images, 3) Recent earthquake information, 4) Cyclonic storm warning etc. which we are already providing. 

      As you are aware that the then Prime Minister of India Late Rajiv Gandhi had a dream to Computer literate all people residing both in urban and rural India. After 12 years of his Good Office the Project “Community Information Centre” came to the North –Eastern States of India and presently it is extending to Jammu & Kashmir. This Block level IT architecture may achieve the Gandhi’s Dream

      Thus CIC is not just an office but a friend of destitute, a friend of Scholars, a friend of Local Business man, a friend of students and a friend of farmers. So, we think we have to keep alive this institution at any cost.

      We want to take Assam in the global arena. Now, your kind attention will boost the future of CIC’s.

Yours faithfully,


Dhruba Jyoti Sarmah


On behalf of all the CICO of Assam


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