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Outfit launched to weed out bad governance

Posted by egovindia on June 29, 2006

Aradhana Sharma

Thursday, June 29, 2006 (New Delhi):

No one knows the system better than those who have been in it. And so, some of the finest from the system have taken it upon them to change things, hopefully for the better.

Former Chief Justice R C Lahoti, former Chief Election Commissioner J M Lyngdoh and former DGP of Punjab Julio Reberio are all part of an India Rejuvenation Initiative. The initiative is a nationwide drive to weed out the bad governance in the corridors of powers.

“Most of the bad governance today is a result of bad choices of people in important positions, say the chief secretary or the DG of police. There are certain key appointments and we want to ensure in whatever way we can ensure that correct people are put in correct positions,” said J F Ribeiro, Former DGP, Punjab.

Besides retired bureaucrats, some serving officers too will be part of the initiative. One of the first things on the agenda is to ensure that political executives and bureaucrats remain just what they were meant to be, public servants. To achieve this, the group will first try to stop the misuse of VIP facilities.

“It is offensive, when VIP’s stop traffic when they pass by, sometimes for minutes and sometimes for half hour and they create commotion. In civilised democracy its even more offensive. That’s why the relics of the past feudal or otherwise have to be stopped and removed,” said J M Lyngdoh, Former Chief Election Commissioner.

The group does not have official sanction so far. So all that the informal group would be able to do is make recommendations and lobby for them to be implemented.


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