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We Request Hon’ble Minister and DONER on behalf of all CIC’s of Northeast to FUND 487 CIC’s for FIVE more years and Regularise the Employment of working at these 487 CIC’s of Northeast

Posted by egovindia on June 29, 2006

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 12:18:38 +0530 (IST)
Subject: [eGovNORTHEAST] All employees at 487 CIC’s of NORTHEAST need to respond to this
From: “Amguri Dev. Block CIC” <>  
To: “Venkat Kumaraswamy” <>
CC: “eGov Northeast”,

“egov Assam”


Dear Sir,  
The location in difficult hilly terrain and remoteness are the main reasons for the North East being 
less developed as compared to other  parts of India. The lack of a strong communication infrastructure 
is also a drawback. 
In today’s era where information is available at the click of  a button, an efficient communication 
infrastructure is a must for  sustained growth and development.
Thus, CICs are playing a vital role in facilitating communication and information exchange. 
They are using technology to its best capacity to improve the lives of the people here and now CIC is 
going to be so  called FRIENDS (Fast, Reliable, Instant, Efficient, and Network for  Disbursement of Services) 
for North Eastern India. 
CIC is a Project under Ministry of Information Technology, GOI, was  set up with an aim to provide 
IT enable services through online and offline systems in the year 2002 and it has already completed 4 years. 
CIC is located in every Block HQ. of each District. 
CIC is almost success without any parent department. But to make CIC  100% successful, 
the project period must be extended. Our first priority is  to make the rural people Computer literate. 
Then only they will be able to understand the use of CIC and what its benefits and what 
services they can avail from CIC.  	
During the last 4 years CIC Project is emerging as a most successful  one and gets overwhelming 
response from all sorts of people. People from remotest part of north-east India specially the people living in 
high hilly terrain, Char Areas, and other geographically isolated areas get the benefit of ICT services. 
CIC familiarized those people with many facets of ICT and now the needs for such services 
are growing among  them.          
Regarding the completion of CIC Project I would like state that according to MOU between the Central and 
State Govt. after the completion of 5 years every State Govt. has to take over the charges of CIC. 
Now at this stage when the ICT services becoming an indispensable part of our life it will be the 
responsibility of State Govt. to continue the existence of CIC as there is no other alternative 
possible for our rural people.          
At present CIC project funded by Central Govt. are running smoothly and are providing ICT services 
to rural masses. It will be really painful and injustice if CIC will be stopped only because of its 
maintenance headache and shortage of fund.  	
As we all know that Education is a never ending process and Government has yet to achieve the 100% 
success on literacy. Same in the case of Computer literacy. To make the rural mass Computer Literate 
CIC Project should be extended like Sarba Siksha Abhijan Project etc.  	
I also request the Central Ministry of Rural Development of GOI please undertake the CIC project 
under the Panchayat & Rural Development Department. Most of the Central fund is released under 
this department and maximum amount is misused. The CIC infrastructure was set up by the GOI for the rural 
people of the North East therefore the P&RD  department will undertake the project. 
Government is going to implement the E-Governance in ASSAM. 
On behalf of all the CIC Operators I am  requesting all the concerned authorities please include the 
CIC project under E-governance.  	
Regarding job permanency, I request the Hon'able Govt. of India and  
All state Govt. through this mail to permanent our job. Because all the 487 CIC’s operators are under 
great dilemma and also will be the case age  bar after the completion of the project. 
We all the operators are feeling insecurity regarding our job.  
With regards   
Sirumoni Dutta CICO, 
Amguri CIC Amguri Dev. 
Block CIC A.H.D.H.S. 
School Campus P.O. 
Amguri Dist. 
Assam 785680 
Phone:  91-3772-253703 


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