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IPR laws should accomodate poor’s interests : judge

Posted by egovindia on June 30, 2006


IPR laws should accomodate poor’s interests : judge

New Delhi: Emphasising the need to strike a balance between Intelluctaul Property Rights (IPRs) and Human rights, Justice B P Singh of the Supreme Court today said the efforts should be made to safeguard the interests of the poor people.

Inaugurating the two-day long Asia Pacific Sub-Regional colloquim for judiciary on the protection of intelluctual property rights, Justice Singh suggested that more empahasis should given to the fulfillment of the needs of the poor while protecting the rights of the inventors or creators.

The divide between the third world countries and other developed countries is widening and steps such as intelluctual property information sharing, capacity building with creation of appropriate physical and intelluctual infrastructure– will be helpful in bridging the divide, Justice Singh said.

Elaborating, Justice Singh said a life saving drug, when patented, goes beyond the reach of the majority of world population hence, the balancing the interests of the inventors and the society is essential.

N N Prasad, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, who also addressed the gathering, said that India has taken various steps, including amending Laws relating to the IPRs, towards meeting the international obligations.

The colloquium is organised by the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, in association with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Geneva, Government of India’s department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and Japan Patent Office.

Delegates from 21 Asian and Pacific countries, including several legal luminaries, participated in the seminar.


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