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VIEWS on CIC’s of NORTHEAST [from one CIC location]

Posted by egovindia on June 30, 2006

From: “Telahi CIC Site” <>
Cc: “Venkat Kumaraswamy” <>, “eGov Northeast” <>, “egov Assam” <>
Date: Fri Jun 30, 2006 2:50 am
Dear all,

You are quite aware that there is only the ICT infrastructure in
development blocks of entire North Eastern India which is Community
Information Centre(CIC). No one need to explain about the services
provide in the CICs. Due to negligence of some Government departments we are
unable to implement e-governance services though many times government
putting up orders on behalf of Governor of Assam vide letter No.
IT.151/2005/1 dtd 16th February’2006 indicating that all the
e-governance exercise must be completed on or before 31st May’06. Duly this order
extended to 30th of June’2006. But still the authority willingly
ignoring it. They are ignoring the ICT power to uplift of socio-economic growth
in this rural area through CICs because if the e-governance will be
implemented their way of getting bribe under table will be stopped.

The basic aim of the CICs was to campaigning IT literacy, ICT services,
Knowledge generation to rural people and creation of self-employment in
the rural area. Except e-governance all the purposes were achieved 100%
goal to the society by CIC Operators without any parent department. The
government providing only the Infrastructures and NET connectivity by
NIC only……this is the great achievement of CIC Operators. The credit goes
definitely to them and it proves that their eligibility of technical
power is high.

The last election work CIC Operators and CIC infrastructures were use
in various district and sub-divisions. The truth can’t be denied.

Still we are appealing the higher authority to implement more and more
application and services in CICs for greater interest of poor rural
people to bridging the gap between govt policies and end users.

Now a day, IT is the hub of all departments and common people. If CICs
exist permanently in your block area it will benefited to the
Government department as well as common people not only the CIC Operators. It is
seen that some Government department runs only in their name. They are
drawing Government facilities without a return. As a result government facing
total lost. The central Government commissioning CICs to the concern
State governments state that, CIC is a Non-profit service sector projects. It
serves the rural poor people where about 68% of people living under
BPL. According to the MoU  CICs achieving its goal. The IT is new concept
for not only North-Eastern India but also for the 3rd world developing
countries. So CICs never stops. CICs must be exist permanently in the
block area only under Department of IT (either it may state government
or Central government). All the CIC Operators should be absorbed under it.

The government needs policy and willingness to live the IT arena in
North-Eastern India. They should not ignore the ICT power in
socio-economic development of a society. If Government fails in bring
CIC to a permanent shape they unable to keep the transparency of Democratic
means and society lacking behind the progressive one.

It is here by appeal the concern departments to take up CICs for the
greater interest of public.

Debendra Hazarika
CIC Operator
Telahi, Lakhimpur


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