eGovernance in India

Improving eGovernance in INDIA


Posted by egovindia on July 2, 2006


Research and Development in the area of computer networking has been the forte of ERNET. Current areas of interest are high-speed networking, network   management, ATM, digital libraries, electronic publishing and multimedia. The R&D efforts initiated by ERNET core groups have resulted in product development and technology transfer to the industry.

Ongoing R&D projects

Wide area ‘Quality of Service Network Testbed’

“Bringing Europe’s electronics infrastructure to expanding frontiers”

Setting up of vocational centers for skill creation for the disabled children in the area of Information Technology

Planet Lab test bed

EU-India Grid



Community Information Centres – Vidyavahini (CIC-VVs)

Mobile IPv6 

R&D projects Undertaken during the last four years

ASEAN India Digital Archive

Instruction on Demand

NETMASTER (Bandwidth manager)

Network Monitoring Tool (NMT)

Establishment of IPv6 enabled test bed at ERNET

To build and promote an effective Communication network Platform to forge alliances between academics & industries; 

To identify key application areas on grid-based and other ‘electronic infrastructures’.

To identify the main technological and other challenges in bringing electronic infrastructures to serve the corresponding applications.

To develop, maintain and populate a Multimedia Digital Library;

To deliver Network Workshops, and participate & organize conferences, exchange knowledge;

To publish technical report relating to research issues, polarizing the interests of the GRID infrastructure etc;

Attract and develop relationship with Industry community to bring them on GRID platform

Following Courses for inculcating the computer literacy, enhancing the skills and providing job-oriented training to the disabled children to obtain employment in the IT and IT enabled service industry.

Computer Operation & Access Technology

Computer Application & Access Technology

Special course on IT Enabled Service industry-Call Centre/BPO.

The 18 ICT vocational centers have already been established in Tamil Nadu and Delhi for blind and deaf students

The computer lab at the vocational centre equipped with computers/Server, Brail Printer; Scanner Screen Reader, Specialized software – Web Software, CCTV with Screen Magnifier for blind, listening devices for deaf and 256Kbps Internet connectivity

M/s Ability Foundation, Chennai has been engaged to train the teachers and students of the school in Tamil Nadu as well as children from nearby areas of schools. The ability foundation has already initiated training of teachers from schools for disabled from April 2006.

Inter-operability testing of IPv6 enabled Cisco Routers with Juniper Routers. 

Test the basic IPv6 mobility. Create and maintain an issue list that is generated on the basis of testing.

Test Mobile IPv6 deployment and transition issues in the presence of IPv4/IPv6 networks.

To develop, maintain and populate a Multimedia Digital Library;

Test the Mobile IPv6 functionality for data and VoIP applications in LAN environment WiFi environment and WiMax environment.


For further details kindly contact:

    Dr. Gulshan Rai
    Executive Director,
    ERNET India.
    Phone : 011 – 2436 3081
    Fax : 011 – 24362924
    E-mail :


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