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Meghalaya 32 Block Community Portals

Posted by egovindia on July 2, 2006

S.NO    District Name            CIC Name        URL
1 East Garo Hills Dambo-Rongjeng
2 East Garo Hills Resubelpara
3 East Garo Hills Samanda
4 East Garo Hills Songsak
5 East Khasi Hills Mawkynrew
6 East Khasi Hills Mawphlang
7 East Khasi Hills Mawryngkneng
8 East Khasi Hills Mawsynram
9 East Khasi Hills Mylliem
10 East Khasi Hills Pynursla
11 East Khasi Hills Shella-Bholagang
12 Jaintia Hills Amlarem
13 Jaintia Hills khliehriat
14 Jaintia Hills Laskein
15 Jaintia Hills Thadlaskein
16 Ri Bhoi District Umling
17 Ri Bhoi District Umsning
18 South Garo Hills Baghmara
19 South Garo Hills Chokpot
20 South Garo Hills Ronggara
21 West Garo Hills Betasing
22 West Garo Hills Dadenggiri
23 West Garo Hills Dalu
24 West Garo Hills Rongram
25 West Garo Hills Selsella
26 West Garo Hills Tikrikilla
27 West Garo Hills Zikzak
28 West Khasi Hills Mairang
29 West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat
30 West Khasi Hills Mawshynrut
31 West Khasi Hills Nongstoin
32 West Khasi Hills Ranikor


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