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Letter Dated November 10th, 2005: World Bank focuses on North East. What happened on this ? World Bank has funded for development of NORTHEAST.

Posted by egovindia on July 4, 2006

 Letter Dated November 10th, 2005: World Bank focuses on North East. What happened on this ? World Bank has funded for development of NORTHEAST.

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 11:51:16 -0800 (PST)
From: “Venkatappa Kumaraswamy” <

Subject: World Bank focuses on North East ( all 487 NORTHEAST CIC’s input needs to be taken)
To: “eGovINDIA Group” <>

World Bank focuses on North East
Guwahati | November 10, 2005 11:39:55 AM IST

Pressurised by Union Government, the World Bank has agreed in principle to give thrust on the infrastructure development of the North East and is currently scanning scope for sustainable intervention.

A five-member World Bank team led by Ms Karin Kemper is in Guwahati meeting the stakeholders, who are mainly the various government agencies of the North East region, to find out the suitable path of intervention.

“We are meeting stake holders as well as potential programmed partner but this is not a pre-investment meeting,” said Ms Kemper.

On behalf of the Union Government, the Ministry of Department of North Eastern region (DONER) has taken the lead to get the World Bank team here to meet the possible stakeholders.

High powerful team of all the seven states are meeting the World Bank team and possible intervention areas are being discussed.

Talking to newsmen, the World Bank team informed that the focus of the study is water and forest.

“The water includes from hydro power to erosion management to inland water. Similarly anything related to forest are being covered. The study will also include political-institutional framework dealing with their management,” she said.

The objective of the study is developing a framework to identify and prioritise high return investment in physical and institutional infrastructure, taking into account development options.

The other objective is to identify institutional reforms for more effective development and management of the region’s water and forest resources and finally to create a platform for interaction with the stakeholders.

In the water sector, the World Bank is interested in improvement of the base conditions for development through investment in power for industrial development, flood infrastructure and management, erosion management, watershed management, groundwater development, wetland preservation and inland water transportation.

Similarly in the forest management, the World Bank investment will be in the improvement of forest productivity for community driven subsistence and commercial activities, maintenance of bio-diversity for income generating activities and watershed management as well as reforestation erosion control.

The World Bank has so far in the NE invested $ 376 million dollar, which is actually just three per cent of the total investment in the NE. Of that lion’s share had gone to Assam which has $166 million followed by Mizoram which has got $69.4 million, says Mandakini Paul from the World Bank.



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