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Dunk Officials – We want to dunk errant babus here – RTI help

Posted by egovindia on July 5, 2006

Dunk Officials


In a June 3, front-page story we had quoted chief secretary DK Sankaran  saying that if there was any water-logging this monsoon, he would encourage citizens to find their ward officer and dunk them right there on that street.

Now, five harried citizens want to take him up on his offer

Story continued …

We want to dunk errant babus here


Bazar Road, Bandra
Wants to dunk: Anil Khoje Assistant commissioner & Ward Officer H/West Ward

Every year Bazar Road witnesses water logging and the levels rise anywhere between 3-4 feet. This happens because the drains are clogged. In the last three days we have had to throw away tons of grain from the shop because of the flooding. The adjacent Boran Road is much worse. Though it’s dangerous, I’ve had to open the storm water drain lids for the water to go out but because of this I have had to keep my shop shut for the past two days as there had to be someone to inform the people to take a detour or they would fall into the open storm drains. At night I put the lid back to avoid any mishaps. We repeatedly called the BMC control rooms on Tuesday and Wednesday but they did not send anyone to even to check the conditions.

Anil Khoje says:
His grouse is valid. The water disposal system is not able to drain fast enough when it rains heavily. Also as the area is low lying water tends to collect there. But, we have visited the spot and have tried to make things easy. The shop-keepers and residents can approach me directly if they find that the department is not putting sufficient efforts to ease their problems. 


Dadasaheb Phalke Marg, Dadar
Wants to dunk: VB Patwardhan, Assistant municipal commissioner, F South ward

Why: I know that ours is a low lying area and that it is prone to flooding but while earlier it used to get flooded once or twice during the monsoons, since the last one year it now remains flooded through the monsoon. This is despite the fact that the authorities claim to have carried out major works in the area to avoid flooding and that lakhs were spent on it. If this is the result of the first bit of rain what will happen through the rest of the monsoon?

V B Patwardhan says:
Flooding has been taking place in certain pockets in the ward for the last several years, primarily because it is a low lying area. There may be some technical problems but they fall under the purview of storm water drains department. There is no major nullah in the ward. Within limited constraints this year we are trying to reduce the time taken by the water to recede with the help of sewerage lines.


Where: Ghatkoper West, LBS Marg
Wants to dunk: N ward officer G P Rathod

Why: The tree close to my home is going to fall any time, and I am tired of complaining again and again. I am scared as I stay alone.  What’s the point of having an officer when they are not bothered at all? Everyone wants money. And now we are surrounded by water but there is no drinking water in the house and still no one from the respective office has turned up to look at the situation.

G P Rathod says:
They have got their own problems with the developer and the landlord and we cannot possibly go to every building and chawl. We have told her and the neighbours that they need to get the basic work done and we are with them. 


Vakola, Santacruz
Wants to dunk: R R Mishra, ward officer, H/E ward

Why: Since Saturday nearly 200 people of our area having been staying at the municipal school. Our houses are flooded. Where have the BMC officials been all this while? They came on day one but since then haven’t shown their faces or come to enquire how we have been. Here neighbours are cooking food for us and social workers are plying us with biscuits. All this because the nullahs haven’t been cleaned, those which were had the debris stacked nearby which found its way back into the nullahs when the rain came and thus the flooding of our homes.

R R Mishra says: These drains are built  by the MMRDA. I agree about the debris and they have choked the drains  but last night, I along with other workers, cleared the drains. Several slabs were removed from the drains which had been left behind by MMRDA workers. The water has cleared from the area, I have personally told the MMRDA to clear the debris left by them so that the water does not flood again.


Madhu Kunj, Nehru Nagar, Kurla (E)
Wants to dunk: Ashok Khaire, ward officer L-ward

Why: With a nullah close by our area faces flooding every year. Last year on July 26 the water level in my house had risen to 3-4 feet and I had to suffer a lot of losses as my belongings were damaged. This year however the corporator in our area Rajan Lad got pavements built outside our society hence the water did not enter our houses. But, the roads were submerged in knee deep water making walking and commuting impossible. Though the schools were closed today I can imagine the plight of the students. I too did not venture out of the house as the current was strong. The BMC has not done a good job and if there is a repeat of July 26 we are afraid that the ground floor of the building will again be under water.

Ashok Khaire says: The water overflows because of the proximity of Vinay Mandir nullah to the area. Whenever there is a downpour the water flows out and into the adjoining roads and societies. We have cleaned up the nullah but when there is such rain it is beyond the means of the administration too.


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