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Need is to stop the loot in the name of BOOT… NISG promoting this through C 1 INDIA

Posted by egovindia on July 6, 2006

 e-Procurement is a Jackpot for C 1 INDIA .com & IAS officer concerned 7.64 crore revenue in the first year.. 

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:41:51 -0800 (PST)
From:  “Avinash Chaurasia” <

Subject: Re: e-Procurement is a Jackpot for & IASofficer concerned 7.64 crore revenue in the first year.. 
To: “Venkatappa Kumaraswamy” <>

Poser was
How did govt. pay for these services of e-procurement
0.24% Plus 4500 each tender was paid…
Which means
1212 X4500          =  5454000/-
0.24% 0f 2801 crore = 67224000/-
Total paid to C1Com = 7,26,78,000/-

Rs 7.26 Crore payment paid in the first year…
How many more years the payment will keep on getting
paid ?
How many stupid IAS officers will keep on paying this
in other state on “Me TOO” Hyderabad replication…
Why should they be paying…

Were you pre selected for this ???

This has not been answered…
How IT department pre-selected C 1 INDIA Com for this …
What was their credential…
Have they done similar things before…
Did anyone quote lower than 0.24 %…

NIC makes website for Govt for as little as Rs 9000/-
containing 25 pages….
Why should the Government be paying so much money…
what is unque about the application is not clear…
The Tender process involves making of estimates…
Which are done by different people on different desks
in different offices… by refering to different
documents… All of this then moves thru’ approval
process which in turn gives decision about the tendr
Tender is put on  the web & the suppliers have to
When bids are received the evaluation also involves
movement of files from desk to desk…
It follows a workflow…
How does this happen on this web based application…
It is mere buying & selling of web based tenders that
is happening…
How the savings had accrued no one can
By creating hype yes the company had made money under
the GARB of joint venture with Information technology
department of Andhra Pradesh…
Thre used to be formal joint venture with Govt putting
up equity & having a say in the management…

Now these informal joint ventures are being created by
IAS cocerned to siphon off mpney for themselves and
promote companies of their choice & score marks on
e-GOvernance project contests…

Is there any uniqueness in e-procurement program ?
Uniqueness of the software is not substantiated & can
not be substantiated…
Newspaper will publish anything….. without due
application of mind and cross checking the facts…
That is really unfortunate


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