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NISG is a SCHEME and also a SCAM: No Reply-NOT Responsible-NOT Transparent

Posted by egovindia on July 6, 2006

eGovINDIA Group Effect : eGov SCAM in INDIA – “UNDP Funds invested with NISG and C 1 INDIA and GOAP and NASSCOM” – supported by DIT, JS of eGOI and GOI and GOAP 

Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 07:49:32 -0800 (PST)
From:  “India Policy” <
Subject: eGovINDIA Group Effect : eGov SCAM in INDIA – “UNDP Funds invested with NISG and C 1 INDIA and GOAP and NASSCOM” – supported by DIT, JS of eGOI and GOI and GOAP 

eGovINDIA is bringing this information to all of you.

India’s largest e-governance yahoo-group under the title eGovINDIA.

You can reach this group at

eGovINDIA is a group dedicated to promoting true e-governance in India, consisting of members from all walks of life from within INDIA and the World over. Many State Ministers and senior bureaucrats of India are members of this group. We do have lawyers, social activists, freelance writers and journalists in the group. The group is meant for serious activists only. Casual members are not allowed to join the group. The group is moderated by an Indian Administrative Service  (IAS) Officer apart from me.  As  on date,  the group has nearly 2200 members.


The focus of this group is true e-governance and use of open source technology in e-governance. The members of this forum have a passion to see a truly e-governed India, resulting in transparency and easy access to government services by  the common man, notably the depressed class people (so called untouchables), women and people living in far flung and difficult areas of India.

Corruption is a stark reality in India. The recent reports put India in the worst category in corruption index. For the group members, e-governance means less corruption too.

The least we expect out of e-governance is transparency.


States in INDIA needs to be care full with NISG – CWC – C 1 INDIA – eSeva

Guilt by association –
Forwarded Message:

Subj: eGovINDIA Group Effect : eGov SCAM in INDIA – “UNDP Funds invested with NISG and C 1 INDIA and GOAP and NASSCOM” – supported by DIT, JS of eGOI and GOI and GOAP 

TO all the addressed,

1. Mr. Kemal Dervis 


United Nations Development Programme
One United Nations Plaza,
New York, NY 10017 USA
Telephone: (212) 906 5317
Fax: (212) 906 5364

2. DIT of GOI,
3. MOCIT, Secretary of DIT GOI,
4. Joint Secretary of eGovernance of DIT GOI,
5. eGov Secretary of GOK and other States.
6. President, Prime MInister and MInister of MOCIT
8. GOK – Chief Secretary, eGov Secretary and others
9. GOAP – It Secretary, CM and others

and Copies to others,

Look at what is happenning !!!!

UNDP promoting SCAMS in INDIA by funding NISG. NISG is going around getting contracts from different States to give it to C 1 INDIA, eSeva, Ram Infortech, PWC and others.

PWC being a International Company is also instrumental in this. PWC have joined hands with CEO of NISG J. Sathyanarayana in all the contracts.

More details of how this is happenning between PWC, NISG, C 1 INDIA are available in the Dataquest website itself. UNDP has invested funds in NISG.

NISG promoting C 1 INDIA and Joint Secretary R. Chandrashekar of DIT and GOI still keeping quiet of his association with NISG.

JS R. Chandrashekar should be relieved of duties from NIC and NISG.

NISG knows inner details of C 1 INDIA – eProcurement scam worth Rs. 38,000 Crores in Andhra Pradesh through C 1 INDIA.

From: Ramesh Sinha [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2005 2:22 PM
To: ‘secy_it&’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘jdinfra_it&’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘Secy_R&’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: eProcurement scam worth Rs. 38,000 Crores in Andhra Pradesh.



The Secretary

Information Technology and Communication Department

Room No. 433, 3rd Floor, D Block, AP Secretarial

– 500 022

Date: 26th November, 2005

Kind Attn. : Mr. Narsing Rao


Subject: eProcurement scam worth Rs. 38,000 Crores in Andhra Pradesh).


Dear Sir,

I am herewith listing the points discussed during our meeting at your office on 24th of November, 2005 regarding the major security loopholes in Further you are requested to immediately pull down the website as using the system till the time the below security loopholes are not patched, would mean compromising with the Public Procurement Practices at large where “Public Money” is at stake.


·        Though the Tender/Project was awarded under IT Act 2000, Digital Certificates were only incorporated after March 2005. This means that approx 5000 Tenders worth Rs.31,000 Crore were enabled in an insecure fashion where system administrator could access to the price bids submitted by 10’000 odd bidders before due date and time.


·        Though the government made it mandatory to introduce Digital certificate after March 2005, but as of November 2005, the “Goods” Tender are being submitted without being digitally Signed and are not stored in encrypted fashion (that is encryption is not done using Buyer’s Digital Certificate. When we logged into your system, we could actually edit our bid and this proves the above point.


·        As of November 2005, the “Works” Tender are only Digitally Signed, but are not stored in Encrypted Fashion using Digital Certificate.


·        As of November 2005, during bid submission process a detached digital signature is being generated because of which Original Bid and its Signature are separately stored in the database ie. If a bidders quotes Rs. 1000 as his price bid, Rs. 1000 is stored in database in readable format and Digital Signature of Rs. 1000 is separately stored. Because of this loophole the system administrator can have access to the price bid of a Bidder before due date and time. One of your officer who was present objected to this point and said that it was actually attached signature that was being generated. I suggested that we save the page from and call the TCS- CA (Certifying Authority), your CA Vendor and ask them to clarify to which I didn’t get any reply from yours or your colleague, which validates this loophole.


·        After the bid is submitted by a contractor, the system throws a message that “you can not edit the bid because it is encrypted” whereas in reality the bids are actually stored in a readable fashion which can be accessed by system administrator. As per your colleague’s comments, the encryption takes place at server level. If the bid reaches the server in readable fashion then there is no point of encryption in the system as the administrator can read it, make a copy of it, or share it. Ideally it should be encrypted at client machine and then transferred to the server. When we submitted the bid, there was no encryption done on client machine and as per your colleague it was done at Server level which compromise with security and thus secrecy of price bid.


·        M/s. C1
India, the service provider must have known the loopholes and yet didn’t do anything about it in spite of the fact that 10,000 eTenders worth Rs.38,000 Crore has been enabled. This validates the major flaw in Public Procurement system in Andhra Pradesh where is being used.


·        Inspite of offering a substandard and security lapse services M/s. C1 India is charging very high charges for the same other than what they are quoting to other Governments  1/10th of the rate for similar services but still the Government of AP has not negotiated the rate with C1 India and not warned them for removing the flaws in security to check compromise with Public Procurement Practices.


·        We asked to tell us as who was the system administrator – Some AP Government officer or M/s. C1 India Pvt. Ltd and you had no idea about the same. The officer in charge of eProcurement who was also present during the meeting did not share as who was the system administrator. Given the fact that 10,000 Tender worth Rs. 38,000 Cr. were enabled on such insecure manner, we are forced to believe that it should be actually M/s. C1 India Pvt. Ltd, which basically strengthens our doubts and lapse in e-Tendering (could be intentional because of some vested interest). No government officer would have allowed such insecure application in the first place if he would have been the system administrator as he would have known the above mentioned serious and major lapse in the security & secrecy of the Bids.


Because of the above loopholes, you are requested to pull down the insecure website immediately. We eagerly wait for your immediate action in this regard.


If our request to pull down the site by November, 26th 2005 is not entertained we will be forced to go to the public to inform them about the above loopholes and the risk contractors face, when they participate in eTenders. The public money is being risked and as a responsible citizen and socially conscious Company, we cannot allow this to continue any longer.


We have also requested to be given the opportunity to demonstrate the above loopholes in person to you or agency like Andhra Pradesh Technology Services on 25th of November, 2005. We have not received any confirmation for the same till now.  We fear that M/s. C1 India will change the code of website if we do not get the opportunity to do it immediately.


We see the current eTendering system in Andhra Pradesh as mother of all scams to a tune of Rs. 38,000 Crores. We further request you initiate appropriate investigation and ask the Anti Corruption Bureau to look into the matter in this regard.


And also ensure that Key Government officers who were in charge of enabling and M/s. C1 India Key Officers should not get a chance to fly away and try to cover this major scam because of their influence.


Looking forward to hear form you soon.


Ramesh Sinha


Applitech I Pvt.  Ltd.

98250 21784


UNDP funds for NISG Scam is brewing up now !! 

As per records available GOI is 49 % partner of NISG through DIT Investment. Let us hope they do not change anything here.

DIT has paid for NASSCOM Share of 51 %. ( DIT might may give a reason for this).

GOI has paid for rest 49 %.

NISG should come under Investigation under CVC, CBI, CAG, UNDP and GOI  DIT Parlimentary Committee.

NISG is a SCHEME and also a SCAM developed by few BUREAUCRATS purposely making NISG as PRIVATE COMPANY by allowing NASSCOM to become 51 % partner to keep away from all INVESTIAGTIONS by GOI and to use NISG as an AGENCY to get eGovernance contracts from different States and GOI.

NISG has in road into all eGovernance activities of INDIA, because of Directors involved in NISG !!!

NASSCOM is stabbing the backs of the companies in INDIA by becoming a partner in NISG. NASSCOM should stay as an ASSOCIATION in INDIA.

UNDP Funds Invested in NISG, a private limited company which does not come under Indian Parliament control procedures and NISG’s non transparent Activities, raising serious concerns about the credibility of the UNDP in India.


V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA


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