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What is happenning at NIC ? (some background information )

Posted by egovindia on July 6, 2006

What is happenning ot NIC ? (some background information )

Since the year 2000, when NIC was brought under the control of D/O of  Information Technology headed by Bureaucrat, It is obvious that there has been significant bureaucratic control on NIC. Even there was  bureaucratic  attempt in 2001-2002 to make NIC a  PSU so that it could be headed by  Bureaucrat for bringing NIC under bureaucratic control.

NIC usually has  been having very clean record till 2000 when NIC used to procure IT products for whole of government worth crores of rupees. Practically Mr. Rajiv  Gandhi  (based on the expensive  IT proposal sent by bureaucracy from each ministry  and state Govt during eighties) has created NIC for  bring uniformity and transparency in the investment in IT. But what is happening toady is just  reverse what Mr. Rajiv Gandhi could visualize.
Earlier NIC was under Planning Commission and has played significant role advising the planning Commission in judicious allocation of   IT budget  to  States and Govt departments. Since the time it was out of Planning  commission,  in the name of E-Governance bureaucratic officials have  been successful in pumping lot of Funds through  Planning Commission to states and Govt departments.

Any thing that has ben happening in NIC could undoubtedly will have some direct or indirect bureaucratic role.

No professional and Scientific Services in Central Govt could not be survived because of absolute power of Bureaucracy.

Since worldwide in different developed/developing Countries Civil services have been reformed for bringing in  professionally and scientifically  qualified personnel  presently working Bureaucratic Officials are  trying to bring the change in Administrative Reforms such that based on their qualifications they could be treated as subject specialists in  respective field.  How it is possible? How  an officer who has done just MBBS  academically and joined administrative Service and worked for 15  years as administrator could treated as professional.? An academically  qualified Doctor/ Engineer without continuous practice  becomes a  general  administrator for 15 years and suddenly one day he becomes a professional. what about the doctor/Engineer who has been highly qualified in his profession and has been practicing Professional from very beginning of career.

This is what happened in IT, The government Scientists who have been Ph.D or highly qualified in IT in late eighties and nineties could never been promoted in government but some bureaucrats who have very little education and experience have been become IT Secretaries and IT managers in govts making E-Governance expensive slogan  through which they could misguide the  Politicians in Govt for their own honeymoon with this hype on
NIC being always a hindrance in their such activities it  has been targeted for all  ill fame.

In Nineties NIC was very proactive and a force with its highly qualified personnel from IIT and premier institutes. Who stopped the bureaucratic official to make use of NIC expertise and make E-Governance a real success?
NIC Officials have been working continuously  for 15 year in one ministry /state/districs sector making them more domain specialist than even IAS officer who hardly works in specific sector for two/three year.

Regarding Professional Experience of NIC official, NIC has been recruiting fresh IT scientists up to the year 2000. It has mixture of experienced and young professionals. Furthermore each of NIC personnel is very proficient with respect to development of Software for any Govt. applications. Moreover, Government E-Governance MIS applications are very simple and do not require very specialized applications. In case some user look for very completed application NIC would be the best in house consultant and can take up as turn-key project to hire the specialized service from IT vendors for particular user. It is unfortunate that many Bureaucrats including in NISG are giving the project directly to Pvt.  Vendors without any particular technically monitoring scheme. It is nice to hear from a earlier Secretary to Govt. that none of the private vendors have successfully implemented any project in Govt sector. This is true because bureaucrats are good in giving administrative and financial approval of any project for Pvt. vendor without having any requirement analysis or SRS or understanding the significance of applications.

NISG headed by Bureaucrat will certainly try to trap NIC by making it autonomous  organization under it so that the hold NIC has in Govt. could be reduced and Bureaucracy in NISG and in Govt departments can have projects aimlessly through private vendors for the shelf gratification. Pvt vendors will also  have relief when NIC could be taken out of Govt so that they can have lot of business with some of  corrupt bureaucrats. Bureaucracy has been responsible in marginalising all important professional organization like BSNL and result is it is sold off because of their interference. Unless some action is taken  NIC will face such situation and all which NIC have  developed during last 20 year will become redundant.

It is unfortunate that such a  pool of NIC IT professionals which have been  nurtured by Govt  could become meaningless.


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