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RTI helps mechanic get his loan

Posted by egovindia on July 7, 2006

RTI helps mechanic get his loan

NDTV Correspondent

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Friday, July 7, 2006 (Madhubani):

The Right to Information or RTI has emerged as a very powerful tool that people can use to hold governments accountable.

A tool that can be used to resolve issues of everyday life to influencing major government policies.

In the continuing series on the national campaign against bribery there is a story of Mithilesh who used it to get loan for his electronic workshop.

The loan was being delayed even though the money was sanctioned under a government scheme.

Mithilesh found out about the RTI act and empowered himself with it.

“I have been running an electronic workshop since 1989. I thought of getting myself a loan and I applied for it. My third application got sanctioned and I was given a loan for it. Once the money reached, I started asking the bank, but the bank gave me no information,” said Mithilesh.

“They thought I would get fed up and stop asking for my loan. The moment they found out that I had information about the RTI act they showed interest in my loan”.

Mithilesh added: “What the bank could not do in two years, RTI helped to do it in a very short time”.


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