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Posted by egovindia on July 8, 2006


The first step towards eGovernance should be to get rid of bureaucrats, who
tend to represent the arcane system left over by the british. I think the
tremendous achievements in the field of IT revolution have occured, not
because of entrenched bureaucracy, but in spite of it.  Untill the babus
realize that they are not the masters but the servants of the masses, no
eGovernance will bring th desired result. It is heartening to know that th
babudom is wiiling to adjust to changing times. But as a sceptic it seems to
me it is nothing but another attempt to cling on to power and privilege as
long as they can. No disrespect intended here to our esteemed

Kamal Kumar

Tue, 05 Apr 2005 09:25:50 -0400

“kamal yadav” <>

i do notthink we can or should get rid of bureaucrats. they are
necessary part of system for governance. all bureacrats have been
chosen fromseveral contestants and they are from the very same
society from which youand i come. the problem is that the system
is defective. they are not answerable to people nor the
politicians as most of them have seen many ministries in power and
out of power.

ministers are powerless without the managers-the bureacrats. most
ministers do not sign any paper and pass on only verbal orders.
over the years, these bureacrats devlop skill of appeasing
ministers and develop arrogance towards citizens. their only aim
is to keep on the right side of ministers and complete their
service while enjoying perks and power.

now that the right to information law has been passed in few
states and central law will be operational soon, much needed
accountability and transperncy will be visible in heretofore solid
fort of secrecy.

we expect the doors to information will now be opened and we will
have the benefit of one of the worlds best burecucracy for good


From:    “ramesh wasudeo” <>

Date:    5 Apr 2005 14:00:14 -0000

5th April 05

This is a perfect reading of the situation.
This should be supported by an independent police
supervised by a constitutional body.



--- ramesh wasudeo <> wrote

5th April 05

Dear Kamal,

The bureaucracy remains unaccountable because of the
system. The system facilitates corruption and
I found that the very same bureaucracy worked
extremely well during my period and subsequently the
very same people have started taking money for

Whom would you blame, the leader or system or both.

The system as of now relies more on the persons /
leaders than the system itself. We need to make a
system which does not depend on the individual leaders
to flourish. This is where a good process automation
driven e-governance can make the difference.





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