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Judiciary should maintain public faith: Sabharwal

Posted by egovindia on July 15, 2006

Judiciary should maintain public faith: Sabharwal
Hyderabad | July 15, 2006 10:38:14 PM IST

Supreme Court Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal today said the Bar Council and Bench members should maintain ‘public faith’ which was imperative to strengthen ‘rule of law’ in the country.

Speaking at a function organised by the Andhra Pradesh High Court, after unveiling the ‘Golden Jubilee Commemoration Arcade’ at its premises here, Mr Sabharwal said ”our duty should be to ensure that public faith is maintained and preserved. It should also be kept in mind that the rule of law will be adversely affected once the public faith eroded.’ The Chief Justice pointed out that adherence to rule of law was the primary responsibility of the Judiciary to deliver justice to the poor on the basis of socio-economic and political conditions.

He called upon the budding lawyers and junior Bar Council members to equip themselves well with the court proceedings.

Stating that the number of legal professionals were more than ten million in the country, he said the senior Bar Council members should assist the juniors to improve their skills.



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