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National Statistical Commission to come into force tomorrow

Posted by egovindia on July 17, 2006

National Statistical Commission to come into force tomorrow

New Delhi, July 11: The National Statistics Commission, which will come into existence tomorrow, will be working towards evolving measures for improving public trust in official data, by strengthening and making transparent the data collection and interpretation system in the country.

“There is a growing concern regarding the quality of the data presently made available by the Indian Statistical system. The operational efficiency of the Indian Statistical System today is compromised by serious deficiencies with respect to credibility, timeliness and adequacy,” a Ministry of Statistics report based on recommendations of the C Rangarajan committee to suggest reforms in the Indian statistical system said.

Some of the deficiencies that could have been ignored in the earlier period of a highly-controlled regime can no longer be done, now that the country has moved to a more liberalised economy, the report said.

The NSC will be an independent, high-powered body consisting of four part-time members and a chairman specialising in the field of statistics in areas of agriculture, industry, infrastructure, finance, health education, environment, census, surveys and information technology.

Led by eminent statistician Professor Suresh Tendulkar, who will be chairing the commission, the other members of the commission include Investment Chief Surjit S Bhalla, Amitabh Kundu from JNU, Prof Bikas Sinha from the Indian Statistical Institute and internationally-known expert in statistical sampling Padam Singh.


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