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Plight of CDAC Multilingual software

Posted by egovindia on July 17, 2006

Very sorry to bring this matter to discussion about CDAC and Multilingual Software

C-DAC, a ‘pioneer’ organisation offering multilingual technology enabling regional language

support for software users in India. By doing so they ‘help’ the e-Gov Project indirectly.

They offer many products like

(i) iLeap (A ‘Packaged Word Processor’ for Indian Languages)

(ii) ISM Office (An ‘Interface’ helping users to key the local languages when using

applications such as MS Office, Pagemaker and so on)

C-DAC feel that ‘the Interface’ – ISM (Rs. 6000/- plus) is for business users and

‘package’ i-Leap (per license Rs. 2000/- + plus) is for home (SOHO) segment.

Please note the price difference!

Now ISM is protected by dongle (hardware lock) and the full version of i-Leap requires that the

i-Leap CD be always inserted in the CD Drive os the users PC. Invariably, both are license

protected single user versions like ‘MS Office’.

A network version (multi-license) is available which can be used at a single networked site.

A corporate license can be ‘considered’ by C-DAC if user licenses for ISM ‘exceeds 500’.

That is Rs.6000/- plus x 500 = Rs. 30 lac.

Mainly, Govt organisations are using ISM. Is there any Govt establsihment that could spent

Rs 30 lac on ISM alone. I do not know.

All these issues arose when our Regional Office reported that i-Leap does not work with

Windows XP-64bit / 2003 after our recent upgrade. Please see the mails enclosed.

I wonder if C-DAC is grooming to be another ‘Indian Microsoft’ at a time when FOSS are

preferred over proprietory software. Any comments….


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