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Why MCA 21 Is a MOCKERY of Egovernance in INDIA !

Posted by egovindia on July 18, 2006

WHY India’s largest e-governance initiative MCA-21 launched with comprehensive online portal for e-filing IS a MOCKERY of eGovernance in INDIA.


Why waste Govt. funds like this ?

No one to think of Future of eGovernance ?


Is this what NISG is suggesting and Mr. R. Chandrashekar, Addl’ Secretary recommended ?


What is going on here in eGovernance of INDIA ?


Read the following, there is more to come on this, as information is made available to eGovINDIA Group.



For last two weeks I am involved in the MCA21 Project of Ministry of Company Affairs


After doing some experiment I came to know that in case a person wants to go for it then his computer has to be Above Pentium 4 Standard also it has to comply with minimum set standards by MCA



In case if this happens as desired by MCA then almost 10,00000 computers will become outdated and they have to have MS operating system along with internet connectivity also Latest Acrobet Reader and so on for details visit




Sam Pitroda is right as always!!


“Reengineer govt processes before e-gov”

India lacks co-ordination on e-gov: NKC


The present e-gov program of the government under the ministry of company affairs called “mca 21” is a mockery of e-governance.


All the old processes and practices remain, only the physical filing is replaced with electronic filing. the ministry offices still continue to handle voluminous documents, people still need to make umpteen visits to the government offices and the processes are more delayed than before.


The e-governance system MCA 21 as being contemplated now is a sham.






I am also told that each joint stock company has to pay at the rate of Rs.3500+ for each  Director on their Board to TCS to avail the MCA 21 services.


For each year thereafter this charge has to be paid at the rate of Rs.1000+ per Director. There is no such service as such. The companies can file their returns online.


For that this pricing. Others who know more about this can write on this group please.


This is a project being executed by TCS.


Let us  hope we get full information on the project details.





India’s largest e-governance initiative MCA-21 launched with comprehensive online portal for e-filing

IS a MOCKERY of eGovernance in INDIA.


India’s largest e-governance initiative MCA-21 launched with comprehensive online portal for e-filing

Coimbatore, 18th February, 2006

MCA-21, India’s largest e-governance initiative by the Ministry of Company Affairs and a mission project under Govt of India’s national e-Governance plan, was formally launched on a pilot basis with a comprehensive online portal to enable e-Filing under the MCA-21 project at a function held in Coimbatore. It is a major step in the direction of governance reforms which constitutes a priority agenda of the UPA government.

Within the next two months, the MCA-21 initiative will be launched nationwide across 20 offices of the Registrar of Companies, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

The MCA-21 initiative is a flagship program being executed by the Ministry of Company Affairs in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services Limited on a BOOT (Build, Operate, Own and Transfer) model. Under the project framework, TCS will be responsible for designing and implementing the project; owning, operating and maintaining the system for a period of six years after successful roll out at all sites.

Commenting on the landmark project, Ms Komal Anand, Secretary, Ministry of Company Affairs, said: “The MCA-21 project is the largest full-scale deployment of Information Technology, in the shortest possible time frame, and will revolutionise the way India Inc. interfaces with the government.” She added: “The MCA-21 program will bring about a service transformation in terms of ease of use and is slated to be a benchmark e-governance project in the country.”

“Speaking on the ocassion, Mr. S. Ramadorai, CEO & MD, Tata Consultancy Services said, “The MCA-21 project is visionary in nature and aims to bring speed, transparency and efficiency in the delivery of the services rendered by the Ministry of Company Affairs to all the stakeholders through a set of pre-defined service levels.” He added: “The launch also highlights the importance of public-private partnership model in the country, which is critical to enhance the adoption of technology across the country.”

Salient Features of the launched MCA-21 include:

Corporations, professionals and the public at large will no longer need to visit the Registrar of Company offices and would be able to interact with the Ministry using the MCA-21 portal from their offices or home or by going to the facilitation centres, which have been set-up.

The MCA-21 project will also facilitate electronic submission of forms, which require a unique Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). It is also mandatory for all the stakeholders who would interact with the ministry to have a DSC, since without that, it would not be possible to file the returns and other statutory compliance related filing.

The system is secure and has a lot of redundancy built inside to make sure that the services are continuously available in a 24*7 time frame. To take care of any contingencies, there is a separate and full functionality disaster recovery system being implemented along with the primary data centre. In event of a man-made or a natural disaster, the system would switch over to the disaster recovery set-up within 12 hours.

For further information please contact:
Pradipta Bagchi /Shamala
Tata Consultancy Services
Phone: 0091 22 5550 9999



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