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The Long-Term Impact of Open Source Solutions on Government IT Spending

Posted by egovindia on July 19, 2006

This Government Insights report makes a bold prediction that governments are entering a period of significant “value shift” for software. They will soon change the way they develop and buy enterprise solutions, retaining the software value within the government community. This document includes forecast numbers.

Open source continues to evolve as a powerful software development model. Linux proved that open source efforts can produce powerful, high-quality products, and now other types of software are on the horizon for the open source community.

Such efforts are gaining momentum within the government for two reasons: large systems integrators are willing to invest money and developer resources to enhance open source software because it allows them to save money, in the long run, on software licensing fees and state and local governments, and many federal agencies, are learning the best ways to share development resources and establish community ownership of new software.

“Government agencies are now developing their own open code repositories and are also working with systems integrators to develop new government-specific open source solutions,” said Shawn P. McCarthy, program manager of U.S. IT Opportunity: Government and Education at Government Insights. “It may be a fledgling effort at the moment, but it is one that has huge long-term potential to change the way the government purchases and installs software solutions.”


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