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UNDP-APDIP Releases Publication on Open Standards

Posted by egovindia on July 19, 2006

e-Primer on Free/Open Source Software: Open Standards 

Author: Nah Soo Hoe 
With a foreword by Peter J. Quinn
(c) UNDP-APDIP, Elsevier, 2006, 62 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-81-312-0538-9 
ISBN-10: 81-312-0538-X 

Find out more at: 


In this age of information and communications technology, many 
are moving towards open standards and frameworks.

Open standards ensure that products and services can inter-operate and 
together, even though they may be from different parties or entities. 
standards ensure that the next purchase is not dictated by the last
purchase, thus, increasing users’ choices, access to products, 
and services, and opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

In addition to the advantage of increased competition for acquisition 
the ongoing operational expense, governments, businesses and other 
can benefit from each others' efforts and share applications that each 

This e-primer, with a foreword by Peter J. Quinn, introduces readers to 
open standards are and why they are important. It explains the
standard-setting processes and provides examples of open standards 
initiatives and formats. It also addresses the challenges faced in
implementing open standards.

This publication is part of the International Open Source Network’s
Free/Open Source Software e-Primer Series. Other titles include:

- A General Introduction 
- Education 
- Government and Policy 
- Localization 

Online versions of all FOSS e-Primers are available at

Upcoming titles are focused on licensing, network security and
infrastructure, and open content.

The FOSS e-Primer series is produced by the International Open Source
Network <>, an initiative of UNDP's Asia-Pacific
Development Information Programme <> and supported 
the International Development Research Center <>, 

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