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Kick the Windows habit

Posted by egovindia on July 20, 2006

Kick the Windows habit


Computer technology

There are some refuges from Windows’ frustrating flood of spyware, worms and security problems.

You could buy a Mac, use a free version of Linux such as Ubuntu, or you could purchase a Linux product such as Xandros desktop 4.0.

It comes in two flavors: a $50 version; or $80 for a premium version that includes more software, access to Xandros’ Network for additional applications and a program that allows you to install and run some Windows software.

All of the above options are less vulnerable to viruses and spyware than Windows but they are not completely immune. If any of them gain any tread against Windows, you can bet that the vermin will find them.

Xandros makes a valiant attempt to help users wean off of Windows by including tools to migrate all Windows settings as well as setting up a dual boot so you can continue to use Windows while you get accustomed to Linux.

Xandros includes some Linux versions of Windows applications, such as Real Audio, Acrobat reader, Firefox Web browser, plus an Open Office product that can import many Microsoft Office documents.

For security, Xandros includes a protection suite that includes a virus checker and a firewall.

Even with the help of Xandros’ network, users must learn how to use unfamiliar software, unless it’s one of the applications that’ll work with Crossover Office, the application used to run some Windows software.

But Xandros offers what most users need: a way to surf the Web without problems, do e-mail and run a few Windows applications. The premium version does all that — and more.

For those who have additional skills and want to run Windows and Linux on the same computer, it’s doable using Vmware’s free player and an extra copy of XP or 2000. I’ve done this with Ubuntu but not Xandros.

Here are some links to help:

• thread.php?t84275

• pages/projects/ xp-under-linux.php

• Installing—VMware—Tools— with—VMware—Player.html

• 05/11/07/vmware-player-ubuntu-installation.html

• linux/vmware-player- image-creation.php


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