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MAY 5th, 2005 Letter to DIT / TDIL / RCILTS // NO ANSWER // Is this what egovernance Secretary and Joint Secretary doing in INDIA.

Posted by egovindia on July 20, 2006

MAY 5th, 2005 Letter to DIT / TDIL / RCILTS // NO ANSWER //



Is this what egovernance Secretary and Joint Secretary doing in INDIA.

Joint Secretary of egovernance is worried about how he can promote NISG and his friends in NISG. He has not replied for any of the emails. It shows his negligence on what needs to be done in INDIA. IS HE FIT for the JOB ??

Subject: What is the status of FOURTEEN RCILTS-Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions FUNDED by TDIL ? Can we get update on this please !!


Date: 5/11/2005 9:15:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time


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You all must know the progress made by these FOURTEEN RCILTS Centers. You all know that each one of the Centeres got funded to the tune of 1 to 2 Crores. Some might be even more.


Conceived in the millennium year, The Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, is one of fourteen such Centres, spread all over the country, set up to provide information in various Indian Languages in Electronic form and make them available in native languages aiding the dissemination of information to the larger masses.


Funded by The Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India, this Centre concentrates on hosting information in Assamese and Manipuri, the official languages of the North-East Indian states of Assam and Manipur.


List of Resources Centres

Resource Centre
Languages Associated With
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Hindi, Nepali
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Marathi, Konkani
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
Assamese, Manipuri
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Kannada, Sanskrit (Cognitive Models)
Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Foreign Languages (Japanese, Chinese) & Sanskrit (Language Learning Systems)
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Anna University, Chennai
MS University, Baroda
Utkal University, Orissa
Thapar Institute of Engg. & Tech., Patiala
ER & DCI, Trivandrum
CDAC, Pune
Urdu, Sindhi, Kashmiri

We would like to find out what are the positive things that are developed by these FOURTEEN centers in different languages that are being used by people of INDIA.

Did these centeres solve the problems of Localisation of Languages in INDIA ? What was the General Direction given to these centeres when money was FUNDED to these centeres ?

Does the DIT has any signed documents o these FOURTEEN Centeres ? If YES, Can we have a copy of that please.

I hope I get reply for my questions about RCILTS.


V. M. Kumaraswamy


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