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About MCA – MCA 21 Program – Program Scope – Front Office – Back Office – Key Benefits

Posted by egovindia on July 23, 2006

MCA has a three tier organizational set-up:

  • Headquarters at New Delhi
  • Regional Directors (RD) at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Noida
  • Registrar of Companies (RoC) in States and Union Territories
  • MCA Headquarters handles cases that require approval of the GoI for citizen related functions. RD supervises the functioning of RoCs and handles the matters delegated by GoI while the RoC offices handle the bulk of citizen facing functions.

    The Official Liquidators (OL) attached to various High Courts functioning in the country are also under the overall administrative control of the MCA. Its headquarters at Delhi also includes two Directors of Inspection and Investigation and Director of Research and Statistics.

    MCA21 Program

    Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA), Government of India (GoI) has initiated MCA21 program, for easy and secure access to MCA services in a manner that best suits the businesses and citizens.

    The program goals have been set as follows keeping in mind stakeholders’ needs:

  • Business enabled to register a company and file statutory documents quickly and easily
  • Public to get easy access to relevant records and effective grievances redressal
  • Professionals to be able to offer efficient services to their client companies
  • Financial Institutions to easily find charges registration and verification
  • Employees to ensure proactive and effective compliance of relevant laws and corporate governance
  • MCA21 is envisioned to provide anytime and anywhere services to businesses. It is a pioneering program being the first mission mode egovernance project being undertaken in the country. This program builds on the GoI vision to introduce a Service Oriented Approach in the design and delivery of Government services, establish a healthy business ecosystem and make the country globally competitive.

    Program Scope

    MCA21 program will provide for anytime anywhere electronic services with speed and certainty to all the stakeholders. It will include:

  • Design and development of application system
  • Setting up of IT infrastructure
  • Setting up the Digital Signature/PKI delivery mechanisms and associated security requirements
  • Setting up of Physical Front Offices (PFOs)
  • Setting up of temporary FOs for the peak periods to meet with the requirements and subsequent shutdown of temporary FOs at the end of such peak periods
  • Migrating legacy data and digitization of paper documents to the new system
  • Providing MCA services to all MCA21 stakeholders in accordance with the Service Oriented Approach
  • Providing user training at all levels and all offices (Front and Back Offices)
  • The MCA21 is designed to automate processes related to the proactive enforcement and compliance of the legal requirements under the Companies Act, 1956. However, it does not include processes related to OL.

    Front Office

    The implementation of Front Offices (FO) is done in two ways. These can be called as Virtual Front Office (VFO) and Physical Front Office (PFO).

    The VFO is what the citizen has in front while accessing the MCA21 portal. The PFO will be a replacement to the existing RoC counters. The PFO will also accept paper documents. However, these will be converted into electronic documents by customer service agents manning PFO. Also, the authorised person(s) will have to sign these documents digitally. Consequently the authorised signatories for a given document will need to appear in person at the PFO for the purpose of digitally signing the document.

    The user can avail the following services on MCA21 portal

  • eFiling
  • Viewing public document
  • Requesting certified copies
  • Registering investor complaint
  • Tracking transaction status
  • Back Office

    The back office is what MCA employee has in front which accessing back office portal. The back office process relates to:

  • Dynamic routing of documents that have been electronically filed to the concerned official within MCA based on the type of service request.
  • Electronic workflow systems to support speed and certainty in service delivery
  • Supporting all routine tasks such as registrations and approvals
  • Storing of all approved documents of companies as part of electronic records, including provision of access to electronic records for the stakeholders
  • Enhancing identification of defaulters
  • Increasing efficiency of Technical Scrutiny
  • Ensuring close follow-up on matters related to compliance management including prosecutions
  • Enabling quicker responses to investor grievances
  • Providing alerts when the tasks are not carried out within stipulated period
  • Key Benefits

    MCA21 seeks to fulfill the requirements of the various stakeholders. The key benefits of MCA21 project are The back office process relates to:

  • Expeditious incorporation of companies
  • Simplified and ease of convenience in filing of Forms/ Returns
  • Better compliance management
  • Total transparency through e-Governance
  • Customer centric approach
  • Increased usage of professional certificate for ensuring authenticity and reliability of the Forms / Returns
  • Building up a centralised database repository of corporate operating
  • Enhanced service level fulfillment
  • Inspection of public documents of companies anytime from anywhere
  • Registration as well as verification of charges anytime from anywhere
  • Timely redressal of investor grievances
  • Availability of more time for MCA employees for monitoring and supervision
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